Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Not a Prank

Well the big spring craft/antique show is going on today. Evidently I am not suppose to get there too early.
There is a donut in that car that I was considering getting last night at midnight. Good thing I didn't I might be still in those drifts lol

Yup I don't know how to run the snowblower

Well hmmm not even sure what to say about this little mess. It was mud and some grass yesterday.


  1. Morning Kat~ Hello~ snow bound friend~ the pics are beautiful~

    I am whinning about a scuff of snow & you have drifts & more drifts!

    Keep safe & cozy up~

  2. Yes, it was no April Fools joke =( I was hoping it was!! I hope that was the last of the snow here in New Hampshire too!! I am tired of it and so is my back from shoveling it lol!! We NEED spring!! =)