Monday, September 12, 2011


I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. My house is a mess, my parents bills need to be paid, my craft room looks like a cyclone hit it, I haven't had a decent meal in a week, and time just seems to be flying by. The lawn finally got mowed and now looks like a hay field. It's late and I have to work at 5 am. I really want to just skip the sleeping thing and clean the house and craft room.
This has been one crazy busy summer. Fall is upon us. Winter is right around the corner. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas so looking forward to that. I feel overwhelmed sometimes though with all there is to do. I want to get my crafts done before Thanksgiving so that I can just enjoy the holidays. I want to make my gifts soon too.
I would fire the maid if I had one to fire. My son is back at college so missing him doesn't make things any better.
I need a week off to just do nothing. I do have a week off in October but I took that so that I could put away all the summer yard stuff and get ready for winter. Hopefully it won't be snowing by then. If it snows this winter as much as it rained this summer we are in trouble.
Going to look for a pellet stove next week because burning wood is just too much work. I saw some pictures online of other people's craft rooms so I do feel a little better. Mine doesn't look any worse and for sure not better lol.
Well I just wanted to stop in and vent for a minute. Feeling overwhelmed and a little sad. This makes me feel better so I should go to bed.
I hope everyone has a great week.