Saturday, December 31, 2011

Samantha's Accessories New Year Giveaway

Samantha is having a wonderful giveaway. It it ends tonight at midnight. She is starting a new business/ expanding her current business. She will still be making her amazing aprons but she is going to concentrate on tarts and scents. Her tarts look good enough to eat. You can check them out here. You can sign up for her very generous giveaway at the same link.
Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28th in Northern Maine

This has been the weirdest year for weather. Today it was 48 degrees and raining. I can't believe how nice it was. I cleaned up my front porch and am so glad I got to do that. However tonight the wind howled and the temp has dropped to 7. Seven degrees? Seriously it is an icy mess out there.

Just a little bit of water out there.
I finished my doors for my hutch and put the windows in. I put them back on as it was easier than trying to putty the holes from the hinges and storing the doors. I actually really like it, especially with the clear glass.
Now just to find the perfect new hardware.
Oh and last but so not the least I got a wonderful present in the mail. My dear friend Patti from Raspberry Lane Primitives sent me a Christmas box full of such great things. OH and she added Sweet Annie. Lots of it. The lady at the post office was bringing it to me and I could smell it coming. I LOVE the smell of that stuff.
The grungy candle, The gingerbread man, the ornament in front of the candle, The tall candle (which is actually made out of fabric), and the snowman with his bundle of candy canes and sweet annie. it is all just amazing. Thank you so much Patti. Oh and there was also some sweet annie seeds and egg gourd seeds. I hope I can get them to grow this year. Not sure our growing season is long enough. ARRGGG
I am sure there is so much more that I am forgetting but there is always tomorrow. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that the New Year is your best one yet.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The best Mom in the World

Well my dear Mom has never got back to her normal self, pre-great escape era.
I have decided to move her to a different place. They moved her downstairs to full nursing home level and I am just not happy with the care down there. I won't go into details but the new place is only about 8 minutes away and I go to Caribou at least 3-4 times a week. So I will be able to see her way more often. Where she is now is about a half hour away. My dad is in the VA home as well so it would be so much better for all.
She was so happy to see her handsome grandson. He is home from college for the month and I am so enjoying his company. She doesn't always remember what everyone's name is but when I asked her who he was she looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, "Well that's Ryan." Like I was stupid or something lol.
She has had such a hard life and deserves to have great care. I wish I could care for her here at my home but she wouldn't be safe. 
I love you MOM.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Christmas is rapidly approaching. I love this time of year. I am pretty much ready. I have decorated as much as I am going to. Not as much as I wanted but enough. My son is home and I am so enjoying having him here. I still want to do some baking. I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go as well.
Got a new pellet stove and that is installed and working great. Has got to be cheaper than fuel to heat this big ole farmhouse. We had a woodstove but that was just tooooo much work. (see previous post).
SOOOOOO I finally did it. I was setting there eating supper and thought, "hmmm if I go and get the paint and just put a little bit on there will be no turning back". So off I went to the basement and got the black paint. One little bit lead to more.
Now that I have it almost going back...I LOVE IT. I still need to find the hardware I want to use and do something about the top doors. Change the glass. Not sure yet but I have them by the front door to take tomorrow to see about new glass. Maybe I will just leave them off. What do you think? Think I should just leave the top doors off? hmmm.

My primitive Christmas tree

There is a story behind this sad looking plant. I don't want anyone to think I am weirder than I am so that might have to be a story for a much later time.

On top of my tree.

hahaha sideways again
Just a few Christmas shots. I have a big tree in my living room I have to take a picture of. It is nothing great or fancy. In fact I bought it when I was pregnant for my almost 21 year old son. It was black Friday and I was 21 months pregnant (or at least felt like it). We had just moved back to the states. Every year I am told we need to get a new one. However this one is just fine to me. It is tradition. It is still pretty to me. Just a few less needles. I keep thinking that once my son has a place of his own I will just use my prim tree and he can have this one if he wants it lol. This is the one that has the ornaments that you save through the years. The ones people give you, the ones that all have a memory attached. It makes me smile just to decorate it and that is the whole purpose if you ask me.
Not a great picture, but I just took one real quick. Oops some wrapping still to do.
Well it is late and I have to work two more days and then I will be on vacation until the new year. I can't wait.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season. I hope you are making some wonderful memories with the ones you love. God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wow busy busy as everyone else is I am sure.
First of all I wanted to say, I posted on facebook that I was going to have my family work for their dinner on Thanksgiving. Well my little niece thought I was serious and came in her play clothes. She had such a good time doing it though. We couldn't eat fast enough for her, she helped clean the table and all so that she could paint some more.
isn't she beautiful. 
Then the next night a bunch of my friends came over to do some crafting. And a bit of waxing and grunging went on. So much so I decided to throw some of it into the dryer to finish up faster. OMG it made the biggest mess of my dryer. My friend Nicky is here cleaning it out some for me. It was too hard with the cleaning fumes to stay in there for long lol.
If she knew I was posting a picture of her butt on the internet she would probably shove me in that dryer lol
The Blue Jays are multiplying.
The stairs leading up to my attic. I am going to bring down the Christmas decorations lol
A few years ago it was mentioned that we should only keep one tote of decorations for each holiday. Except for Christmas we should have two. Well my son has always been here to help me get them out of the attic and I wouldn't bring them all down at once. This year husband helped. OOPS.
There were a few extra totes for this holiday. I had him put them in the spare room as I passed them down.
There are more totes behind the big pile in the front lol. Too funny. I will however go through them all this year and give away some of the stuff I don't use. Make room for the new stuff I make this year. There is more throughout the house already but that wasn't in the attic so not as noticeable.
Here are three of the ornaments I received from the ornament that Amy at Bumble Bee Lane hosted. Thank you again Amy. The beautiful snowflake is from STacy at Stacy Kay Creations. I love them all.

Snowman and tree came in one package. For the life of me I cant find the card that came with it. I will tomorrow and edit my post then. It really is sweet though isn't it?

I love this little tree and as I am looking at this I see there is a sideways snowman on my tree. I don't have it fully decorated so it will get fixed soon.

Beeswax snowmen I made

Beeswax Santa I made

We finally got some snow and it was just beautiful. This is God's way of making the cold more tolerable.
 Okay so we got a pellet stove last week and installed it on Friday. We took out the woodstove. That thing was extremely heavy. Burning wood is a lot of work. Husband thought it would be funny to set it up in the yard and is now burning paper and such in it. He even reattached the stove pipe. Seriously? I am taking the rocking chair off the porch and putting out there. I am also going to go out and decorate that tree beside the shed. Haha, he might move the woodstove if I do that.
You might be a redneck if.......
So anyway it has been a busy couple of weeks. I am going to go and bring my son home for Christmas tomorrow. I will drive down in the morning, do a little shopping and then pick him up after his last final. That drive is so boring, I hope he doesn't sleep all the way home. I hope the roads are good. I am so happy to have him coming home.
I will post pictures of Christmas decorations really soon. Waiting for son to come home to put up the big tree. Can't wait, I just love Christmas.
I hope it is a good week for all. Be safe and Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I hope it is a safe and wonderful Holiday for everyone. I hope you make some memories to last a lifetime.
I hope you eat too much pumpkin pie, your turkey comes out the best ever, and you get to share it with all those you love.
I however am having my family over and I am making them do a little work before they eat. They can paint, sand, cut, sew, or glue. Whatever they choose as long as they do it well lolol. JK.
Thankful for all my prim friends here that share their talent and creations with me everyday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Title top

Okay I know this looks funny and it is bed time. Does anyone know how to make the top of this thing look right? Make one of those collages? Thanks. Son will be home on Tuesday. I can't wait. He can help me lol.

Nighty Night

Almost Thanksgiving YES!

It is almost Thanksgiving and I am so excited, I love Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a very wonderful day, making memories to last a lifetime.
It has been a very productive weekend. I went to a craft show in Canada on Saturday and it was really nice. I went a bunch of my friends and all we did was laugh. So that makes it a perfect day.

I got this sweet little prim chair at the craft fair. I just love it. Not even sure where I am going to put it.
 We did a little shopping while we were there, I bought some bizarre stuff, but I have some sweet plans.

Lots of projects going at the same time. lol What a mess, good thing I cleaned it off on Friday. I had room to pile my stuff when I got home on Saturday. it is cleaned off again now.
Oops cooked my snowman a little too long. Grunging in the oven and ADHD do not mix sometimes. I will be setting right there and a bird fly in front of the window and off I go lol.

These look so much better in real life. I love mine and I change the stuff with the seasons.

Santa's clothes after coming down the chimney

Towel cabinets for the store

Lighted birdhouses for the store.

I love the lights.
Well that is enough for one night, I will post more when I get it all done. I have all the stuff that was on the table started and almost complete.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What a day!

First I am going to check the mail: good news! My magazine FINALLY arrived. In a priority mail envelope so they must of sent it separate.
Very happy it is finally here. Not sure I like it as much this time but I am thinking it is because I just got the new Judy Condon book - Holidays at a Country Home. That book is just phenomenal. Anyway.
So when I leave to go I see we have company near by.
There are actually two here, one up closer, I only had my ipod and I was scared because they are so big. I didn't dare get closer.

They don't even run.
Then, THEN. I come back home and I am going to clean up the downstairs and then feel okay about crafting all day tomorrow. Oh sure! I am doing the dishes (don't have a dish washer, he is off to college lol) and wiping down the counters. OH SH&*!
I SEE THIS! coming out from under the microwave. Well I screamed, ran, and cried like a little girl. This is one big/nasty/scary looking bug. It was a little dark in there. Well I hung up on my friend, she has no idea what is going on, (I did call her back). I called my husband to get his butt out here to take care of this whatever the heck it is. He is laughing. LAUGHING! It was fake and he thought this was so funny. Yup I am thinking still not funny. I could hardly breath, I was getting ready to start packing because I was not living here any more.
Just a couple weeks ago, he left a nasty, giant, fang baring rat, on top of my hall bench and I caught a glimpse of that out of the corner of my eye as I was walking by and almost passed out.
Hahahahaha. NOT FUNNY!
Oh and before that I had ordered a Waist Watchers HAM pizza for lunch. I got pick it up. Throw it on the seat beside me and continue on with my errands. By the time I even remember I have it I am in the next town. I open it up and there is mushrooms, hamburger, pepperoni, and a bunch of other stuff all over my pizza. I call them. "Yes we gave you the wrong one, sorry" NICE so no lunch because there was just too much stuff on there for me.
I think so far this has been a pretty good day. I wish I drank.
I truly hope you all have a very good weekend. OH big country craft show tomorrow over across. Cant wait we are all getting to gether at 7:15 am to get there early. (They are one hour ahead of us over across). Woohoo can't wait. We went to a couple last weekend and they were great.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn!

HEY does anyone want to come and go to the midnight showing of breaking dawn with me. Tickets go on sale at 730 so how soon can you be here? lol
I know I should be doing something crafty or at the least cleaning my mess. However the coffee table is cleaned up and the kitchen table is half cleaned off so that should count for something. Oh how I would love about a week in the basement though. I have a week off after Christmas and I am going to be a really busy woman. So much to do, so little time.
HURRY HURRY, lets do dinner and a movie.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yup I did nothing and fell asleep

So I made a post last night. Watched a few minutes of television. Then took a nice hot bath. Well yikes, I got out of there and I was in bed and asleep before 9. I have not been to bed before 9 in a very, very long time. of course I was up at 3:30 but still.

Still no APP magazine. I have had the worse time with that subscription. EVERY issue I have to email them and every issue they say it has been fixed. They fix my address and my starting date. ARRRGGG frustrating because I love the magazine. By the time I get the holiday issue it will be January evidently.
Does anyone know how to use the Angel Dust, or Mica Flakes. Do you spray the item with adhesive or ???

Have a good night!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Huh! I am doing absolutely nothing.

HELLO Everyone! I feel like my life is a whirlwind and here I am, doing nothing. Well not really nothing. I am catching up on what is going on in everyone's world. I am hanging out on the sofa playing on the internet. I love it. I am always so busy doing stuff for the store, working full time, and cleaning up the mess that I make from making stuff for the store.
Well life is too short. yesterday while I was working I had a visitor.
He stayed on the post for a long time and I got right up to the window and took his picture. I swear he was modeling. Oh bragging, hahaha you have to work and I can just set around looking pretty".
So what are you looking at? That is what he said.

So What is everyone up to? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I love thanksgiving!!!! So many things to be thankful for that we should celebrate every week. Oh wait we do, it is Sunday.
Thanksgiving we get to gather with family and it is the beginning of the wonder of the season.
I hope you are all having a great week. I am off to catch up some more.