Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Christmas is rapidly approaching. I love this time of year. I am pretty much ready. I have decorated as much as I am going to. Not as much as I wanted but enough. My son is home and I am so enjoying having him here. I still want to do some baking. I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go as well.
Got a new pellet stove and that is installed and working great. Has got to be cheaper than fuel to heat this big ole farmhouse. We had a woodstove but that was just tooooo much work. (see previous post).
SOOOOOO I finally did it. I was setting there eating supper and thought, "hmmm if I go and get the paint and just put a little bit on there will be no turning back". So off I went to the basement and got the black paint. One little bit lead to more.
Now that I have it almost going back...I LOVE IT. I still need to find the hardware I want to use and do something about the top doors. Change the glass. Not sure yet but I have them by the front door to take tomorrow to see about new glass. Maybe I will just leave them off. What do you think? Think I should just leave the top doors off? hmmm.

My primitive Christmas tree

There is a story behind this sad looking plant. I don't want anyone to think I am weirder than I am so that might have to be a story for a much later time.

On top of my tree.

hahaha sideways again
Just a few Christmas shots. I have a big tree in my living room I have to take a picture of. It is nothing great or fancy. In fact I bought it when I was pregnant for my almost 21 year old son. It was black Friday and I was 21 months pregnant (or at least felt like it). We had just moved back to the states. Every year I am told we need to get a new one. However this one is just fine to me. It is tradition. It is still pretty to me. Just a few less needles. I keep thinking that once my son has a place of his own I will just use my prim tree and he can have this one if he wants it lol. This is the one that has the ornaments that you save through the years. The ones people give you, the ones that all have a memory attached. It makes me smile just to decorate it and that is the whole purpose if you ask me.
Not a great picture, but I just took one real quick. Oops some wrapping still to do.
Well it is late and I have to work two more days and then I will be on vacation until the new year. I can't wait.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season. I hope you are making some wonderful memories with the ones you love. God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas.