Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Am A Dead Woman

You all know I have been redecorating my spare room. In a previous post I showed you pictures of the huge mess. Well I packed it up and stuff it all in my son's bedroom because he is away at college. Well tomorrow I have to work all day and then leaving for Bangor after work. Bringing son home for the weekend. Can't say no. But oh my goodness when he sees his room he is going to kill me.
It was really nice knowing you all by the way.
Spilling into the hall. hahahaha

A view of further in, dark but you definitely can get the idea.
I have a meeting at the office so I won't even be able to do any of it during lunch tomorrow. I could at least bag it all up and move it somewhere. Hopefully we will be back early enough on Friday I will be able to do something with it before he needs to sleep in there. hahahaha he can sleep in the newly painted spare room.
I see the humor in it but I am sure he won't.
Have a great night all. Wish me luck.
Katherine Ann... ( I can hear my mom yelling my name right now)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's 2012 Goals

Well it has been a nasty week for weather, a busy week at work, so not as much done as previously but still got some stuff done.

1. I finished inputting all of my business receipts into a spreadsheet. Getting ready for taxes. Paid bills, balanced the checkbook for the first time in over two months. SHoot me!
1. I finished my first "Primitive Betty's" needlepoint.
I am so happy with this. Thanks for the free pattern Betty. I got it done yesterday and thought "oh I will have to frame it later". Then I remembered today was Sunday and I had to finish my goals. This is seriously working for me.
3. I emptied out the spare bedroom. haha I moved it ALL right across the hall into my son's room. Thank goodness he is at college because there is no going in there right now. It is literally spilling into the hall.
2. I painted the bedroom. I was going to go all white but I had already bought the tan so wanted to do both. I still have to paint the little trim but that will be my finish for next week.

This is the only spot that I have the trim on. I will finish it this week.

3. I cleaned off my kitchen table. haha not sure how long this one will last. Probably a while if I don't go shopping and empty stuff on the table.
Well it has been a little bit productive this week. I need to get back to finishing stuff I already have started. Just gets a little crazy when it is tax season and working full time. Not that I am complaining. I am very thankful I have a job.

I hope you all have a great week.

A Cool Old Trunk

I have been working on the spare bedroom. I have this old trunk in there and I had forgotten what the inside looked like lol. So just a few pics. I keep bounce in it to keep it smelling fresh. And bugs out!!