Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Extras You just Don't know what to do with

I have been blogging for a little over a year. I see such beautiful, organized homes. I strive to be like that. I just don't understand what happens here. It is like a tornado goes through about twice a month. So what do you do with the stuff you just don't know what to do with.
I figure I showed you my messy messy closet before I built shelves in there. So this isn't much worse. MUCH being the key word. This is my spare bedroom. It wasn't as bad as it looks now but I took down a couple of the shelves to paint. I am planning on painting the walls, white, all white everywhere. (Big project for 2012 list)
PS I just watched hoarders lol.
Videos and such off the shelf I took down. However on the shelf and wall there is all kinds of snowman stuff that I just don't bring down. By the time Christmas is over I am so ready to get my house back in order that I just don't bother. I am thinking maybe if I have a tote for snowman/winter stuff and just bring it down after Christmas I might appreciate it all more. Any thoughts?
further around the room. Trust me some of this just moved in here at Christmas time and sometimes this is just the dumping ground as you can see for antiques and odd decorations I don't know what to do with. Some of the things I would like to give away but friends or family have bought them for me.
Lamps from my dads when we moved him. Signs, more pictures on the wall of SNOWMEN. I am actually so glad to be showing all this because looking at it like this I can see I just need to take down the Winter stuff. Pack away to use for just decorating and not storage.
Moving around the room even further. See the tote and baskets and books were on a large shelf on the wall. So again those just got dumped there last night before I remembered to take pictures. Hey I love that brown chair right there. And the old desk. Wow HOARDER lol
Now further around with more stuff from the shelf. What a mess.
So if you have any suggestions, suggest away, and if you say hire a dumpster and put it outside the window and start chucking remember it is winter in Maine.
This is my big project for the rest of January. I can't wait to get it done. I have friends that will come and help but I have to get it emptied out first. I would be embarrassed if they saw this mess. lol
Please tell me you have projects like this sometimes. Rooms that are always a mess for whatever reason. Tell me what you do with all those little sentimental gifts or treasures. Tell me where to hire a maid or organizer lol.
Having a great 2012!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 8, 2012 Week Two

Well week two is done. 50 more to go. Posting to my blog is definitely working for me.
1. Finished Brother-Sister Signs
2. Made the block and found a 4" timer candle for this old lantern. The block drilled to set over the wick part and a hole drilled in the top for the candle to set into.  I didn't want to ruin the original parts.
3. I finished and hung the bird seeds balls from the free pattern that Dee Duncan gave us all at Christmas. They didn't come out quite the way they were intended but that is okay. The next time they might. Now if the birds would just eat them lol.
3. Finished the hand sewing for 6 bonnets that I started before Christmas.
4. Finished grunging and patching some Christmas sock ornaments. They are the ankle socks you can buy everywhere at Christmas. I gathered up the ankle hole and cut the toe open. I stitched a hem around the part that I cut so that the opening was at the other end. I wanted the sock to be longer at the top instead of the foot part. Not sure this makes sense, but it worked :) I know it is a little late but I will just put them away for next year.
1. Cleaned out four more boxes of Christmas decorations and supplies. Took the extras to the church.

1. Someone made a post about these crochet stars they were making with the link to the pattern. So I thought, hey why not. If I starch them, they will make cute ornaments or bowl fillers. So I gave it a whirl for my "new project" this week.
Not a very good picture. I will take a better one later. I will add the link to where I found these too. If it was you who posted it please let me know. Sorry!
So this post is to keep me going. So far so good. 
On to week 3. I hope everyone has a great one.