Saturday, March 26, 2011

A primitive Place Magazine Giveaway

Click on the link on my sidebar and check out their giveaway. Follow the new blog. Having a great weekend.

I Love Blogging

Did I mention that I love this blogging community and all the amazing, wonderful, talented, creative, friendly people I have met here. Well if I didn't I am mentioning it now!

I went to this little out of the way junk store today that I found a few years back. I got a cast-iron French roll pan that I love for $4. I got a 5gallon crock, it has some writing on the front but it is packed away in the car so cant remember what, and I was so excited to find it tucked away in the corner,$20. Everything was 60% off. So I think I got some good deals. I will post pics when I get back home. I got a couple other things as well. I love the crock but yikes those things are heavy. The lady had to help me get it out lol. I am not a wimp but sometimes those stores have everything squished in and you have to climb like a monkey. I made some terrible racket looking through the old cookie cutters and kitchen gadgets lol.

They had some ironstone there but I though it was too expensive. So I only got the stuff I really loved.

Honestly though, I was looking around all over the place thinking.....hmmmm I wonder what Misi will put on her next list lol.
Having a great weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Has anyone heard of a company called Rowan's Rogan's Moran's? They sell gifts wholesale. Like knick knacky victorian, primitive, cottagey type stuff?


Hey look in the pictures below. My candles in the sconces. The woodstove made it so hot in my kitchen they melted right over. Too Funny. lol I am leaving them there

Paint Selections :(

Antique green . Antigue PewterPearwood,  Chestnut.

the box color was the color I thought I would like, but I am thinking it is too dark. My kitchen only has one small window. the cabinets are now the color you see
Clown Wall

Original Color

Here is the clown wall that I don't like any of the selections.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Trouble

Okay a couple weeks ago I showed you all the paint I ordered. Well I took about five different cans. I wanted to repaint the bottom half of my kitchen and the cabinets. Well what was I thinking.
I took about five different cans and painted big patches on one wall. Not small but big. Thinking for sure one of the colors I would love. Well I took a couple of opinions and painted part of my cabinet with that color. I liked it best as well. Well now.....NOT SO MUCH. It is too dark. Now what do I do.
The top half of my walls are a cream color. The bottom half were a nice lighter antique sage. I tried pearwood, chestnut, antique sage, antique pewter, and one other. YUCK. What do I do now, I have a wall that looks like a clown exploded. I don't think I have the original green.
I wonder if I paint the bottom half a rittenhouse ivory, (tanish) and leave the top cream, and then paint the cabinets the antique pewter. Do you think that would be weird? three colors. Oh what a mess. And I have company coming tomorrow night.
Maybe, in the light of day things will be better and I will find the original color somewhere.

Where to shop

Where do people buy beeswax? I have looked everywhere up here in the boonies and there is none. Is it cheaper online or should I look at AC moore when I go downstate?
Did you know when you are shopping at Joann's you can use your AC moore coupons as long as it is something they sell at AC and it is not on sale at Joann's. This works great as AC usually has better coupons.
Anyway how about a pattern for Prairie curtains? I have looked online and at Joann's and nothing. Any suggestions? Tobacco cloth? Oh how I wish we had normal stores up here.
Since it is after midnight and my Friday and have to work in a few hours I had better get to bed.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Having a great life

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cedar Creek Prims

Cedar Creek Prims has a new selling blog and needs followers. She is having an awesome giveaway to kick off her new site. Check it out and sign up for her giveaway, you will love all she has to offer.


Etsy Shopping

Okay, I know this is going to be a dumb question but oh well I want to shop.
I have never shopped on etsy before. I have done ebay and amazon and all that but never etsy. How does this work. I look and at the top of each one it has the price. Or what I am assuming is the price. At the bottom of each picture it states shipping ie. 5.00 with another item 0.00
So does that mean if I order two items I get free shipping? Does it mean it doesn't matter how many items I order it is 5.00 each? The one I am looking at the item is 12.00 and the shipping is 5.95 but with another item it is 0.00.  The item I am ordering is not big at all, in fact quite small so the shipping seems high but what do I know I mail big things.
Can someone explain this please? Help me shop? Since most of you have etsy shops I thought someone could help.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Really Sweet Swap

 Patti (RAspberry Lane Primitives) and I did a swap. This is what she sent me and I truly love it all. I am just so amazed with the talent in this blogging community. This was really fun, like Christmas for Easter. Or like getting a grown up Easter basket. I would show you a pic of what I sent her but she wants to be surprised. I hope she likes it.
She has the pattern for this on her blog if everyone wants one. :)
Thanks so much Patti, I love it all.
I hope no one planned on ever setting on that hall chair because Mr. Raspberry is staying there until Easter. Since the mittens are inside there I guess it will just have to stop snowing. Thank you mother nature.


I think I might have the required items. This is just sooooo much fun. Well okay the people at the local thrift store are thinking I am a bit strange but hey who cares I am getting old I can be strange.
1. Okay I have the child's chair, (the child being my son from when he was about 18 months lol.
2. The bunny is holding the small boat which is a hand carved canoe but a boat none the less and wooden.
3. The print I framed years and years ago and really needs a new matt. The picture is my son and I in colonial clothes and was taken almost 20 years ago. He was so cute but if he reads my blog he will be mad that I posted a pic of him in a gown hehe.
4.The blue willow plate is the blue will plate lol.
4. The bubby yokes are in the box, for those of us less endowed.
Anyway I hope everything passes. I want to do this again next week.
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

6-10 inches????????

Oh seriously this has been one long winter for some reason. I was walking across the crusty snow yesterday and behind the house where the dryer vent blows out the snow is all melted. The day lilies are popping their heads up. Tonight it is suppose to snow 6-10 inches. I am so waiting for spring. I want to get to the potting shed to start some plants. Oh but the days are getting longer and the temps are finally going above freezing so spring can't be too far away.
I hope everyone is having a great week.

I won second place

Look what I got in the mail this weekend. I won the second drawing at Tolentreasures and Cathy sent me some awesome things. I love the little bunnies. I love it all. How cute are these??????? Thanks so much Cathy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Friendship Swap

Tricia is hosting a friendship sway/giveaway. I think this is going to be fun. It is a summer/gardening theme and I have some great ideas for my swap. Check it out it sounds like a lot of fun.  Click on the picture on my sidebar to sign up. You have until April 15th to sign up and your swap doesn't have to be mailed until May 15th Plenty of time to get something great together.
Come and join the fun.

A primitive Place Giveaway

A primitive place is having another giveaway. AWESOME. You get to shop and sign up for a giveaway. Both all in one place, does it get any better?
Go check it out.

A surprise Giveaway

Simple Thyme Prims is having a surprise giveaway. You won't know what it is until you get it. Who doesn't love surprises? Go check out her blog its great.
Having a great day so far.