Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Not a Prank

Well the big spring craft/antique show is going on today. Evidently I am not suppose to get there too early.
There is a donut in that car that I was considering getting last night at midnight. Good thing I didn't I might be still in those drifts lol

Yup I don't know how to run the snowblower

Well hmmm not even sure what to say about this little mess. It was mud and some grass yesterday.

Saturday Learnings

What I learned today.
When it is 11:00 pm and you think to yourself you should go to bed, just do it.
If you ignore that voice and decide to sew, make sure your sewing machine does not sound like a freight train- you will wake up the whole house.
If this happens and it finally clicks in your head to oil your machine, go back to the original idea of bed.
However if you again ignore that sensible voice in your head, DO NOT use the the oil bottle from your pneumatic nail gun to oil your sewing machine! There is no such thing as a couple drops coming out of that bottle.
If you use it anyway and oil is dripping from everywhere, go with your first thought, GO TO BED.
having a great night.
Ps. I stayed up and I was able to get all the 16 patch squares done for my quilt. Yes yes yes ... So excited. Persistence!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A lazy day

I read everyone's posts and view all the pictures, which again I want to thank everyone for sharing. I LOVE IT.
So I believe you are all pretty busy women. Can you just imagine, if you took a whole day to just lay around, read a book, look at magazines, eat, (not peanut butter and fluff though, it makes you really hyper), watch a movie, nap, take a hot bath, do nothing of any real importance.
Have you ever done that? And not because you were sick either. What is a nice relaxing day for you? I bet it involves cocoa puffs like mine would.
My treasure chest.......
I think that is exactly what I am going to do on Sunday. I am going to give it a whirl anyway. I am not going anywhere, not doing anything related to work, reading a book, looking at all my magazines. Going through my treasure chest and just dream about what all I am going to make.
Yeah okay, I will have to see how that goes. The last time I sat around and did nothing for a whole day was 11 years ago when I had a little heart trouble so we shall see.

Well It Wasn't A Prank

Oh here I am, all tucked up in my house with a load of lumber and some soda (with caffeine). It IS going to be a good night.
I do believe that Mother Nature needs to have a talk with Old Man Winter because it is just a snowing and a blowing out there. Like seriously it is April 1st and I just drove home and there are cars off the road all over the place. HELLO PEOPLE you live in northern Maine, learn to drive like a native lol.
I shouldn't say that because tomorrow I will have an accident and someone, somewhere will be posting on their modern decor blog about the idiot in a 4x4 off the road. Oh but what do they know. Modern decor, hmph.
I guess it will be tuna sandwiches instead of beans for supper. If the house is going to be closed up for two days due to stormy weather there will be no bean eating here. I do have a little common sense. Shoot I should have gotten some groceries while I was buying soda. I don't even have any Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs.
HEHEHE I am going to go outside and fill some canning jars with snow. Then I am going to make a shelf and set them on it. REAL MAINE SNOW. Sell them in the store. I do know they will melt and I could just fill them with water from the tap but then the sign would be a lie. I am a very honest person. However the water in my well was probably once snow. Hmmm.
Okay really, seriously, I am not insane, not even close, however I do believe that I might have just a tad of cabin fever.
Well here is hoping everyone is have a great day.


I am setting here blog hopping (it is almost Easter afterall). I hear some awesome music playing. I am thinking wow I love their choices. ( I usually have a bunch open across the top of my screen because it opens a new window for each one).
Anyway I start closing them to see which one has the great music.
WELL is mine. I forgot I put one of those music thingys at the bottom of my page.
Yup losing it here. Maybe I shouldn't eat peanut butter and fluff sandwiches for breakfast anymore. I should really go and get some groceries.

Happy April Fools Day

So come on, all you creative people must have some great April Fools Pranks. Tell me what you did today. Anyone? Anything? And please don't say you made May baskets because that is next month.
They have been announcing all week we are getting a storm today/tonight 8-12 inches of snow. I am thinking that had better be a prank because I want spring.
I spent my whole lunch break Wednesday carrying buckets of hot water out and pouring it on the five foot high piles of snow in my driveway still. Guess what??? It did nothing, didn't even make a dent in it. I was thinking I would pour it on and magically it would melt a hole to the ground. WELL IT DIDN'T. So don't waste your lunch break people. Eat instead.
Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I forgot my name

York Mountain Mercantile has a nameless bear. Poor little guy. She is having a giveaway in hopes of finding a perfect name for the this awesome guy. Go over, check it out, and name him.

Scavenger #3

Phew I at least got the four I needed. YES so much fun!
Old tin funnel, Silhouette box, Crown on a stick, and a Pure Maple Syrup sign.
Okay, now I have to patiently wait for tomorrows list. Oh sure patiently.

Learning #5

5. When Misi says we need a hooked stool for our scavenger hunt, you need to think less like a medical coder and way more prim. Her required item I have learned from the picture did not involve a fishing pole or a port-a-potty. I should have looked sooner.
Seriously not in any pain, I have a tough butt.

Things I Learned Today

1. If you drop a bottle of paint in the toilet, suck it up wimp, reach in and grab it. Don't try to flush it first, it is clean water and the bottle WILL get stuck in the drain. DUH.
2. When making lunch out of a box use the right measuring utensil because adding random ingredients after you did it wrong is NOT going to make it taste like anything you will want in your mouth. duh!
3. When going down to the basement, tie your shoes (no matter when Misi wants her picture posted). The floor is cement and will hurt, setting on a pillow all afternoon is not going to help much.
4. No matter how much you like tobasco sauce too much is going to be hot. YES there is such thing as too much.
Wow I have learned a lot today and it is only noon.
Hope you are not having the same educational day as I.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilty Pleasures

Oh I walked out onto my porch tonight and smelled a skunk in the air. YES YES YES. I know that sounds weird but I love the smell of a skunk, well a hint of one anyway. (I don't like the smell if you run over one, yuck)  Most people get excited about seeing their first Robin but for me the true sign that spring is close is the smell of a skunk lol. HONESTLY.

Okay,  and I have to admit, I am an American Idol addict. Criminal Minds, Bones, and Army Wives too.
I love Zagnut candy bars and Reese's peanut butter eggs, seeing my son sleeping like a baby, still after 20 years.
Oh and my big quilty pleasure is shopping for fabric and wood. Is there anything better than the smell of lumber. I would never want to work in a place that sold it because I would get use to the smell and it wouldn't be as wonderful.  I walk into a fabric store and see all the beautiful patterns and colors and I want it all. So I buy a little bit of all the ones I love and can't leave without, lol. Of course I have way more of each than I will ever use. However I am giving it my best shot.
I am still always amazed and smile inside and out when I step back and look at something I have made. Whether it be a building, or something small that I can hold in the palm of my hand.  My kid hates it when I look at him and smile, him: " what are you smiling about?" Me: "Wow. I made that", Him: "what" Me: "you" lol. Him: "Geez mom"
I love rainy Sunday afternoons, or a blizzard, all tucked up inside the house, laying around, reading a book. I did it once and I really enjoyed it, I should do it again.
Thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms, weird I know.
I should delete this whole post, as I read back over it it makes me seem just a bit odd. I won't though because that is what blogging is all about. Sharing what we have in common and what makes us different. Or at least finding out we aren't so weird or different.
I hope you are all having a great week out there in blog land.

Sell in local store on consignment?

Does anyone make things to sell in their local stores on consignment? I have a question, a dilemma and not quite sure how to handle it and I want an opinion. I would post the dilemma but you never know who reads your blog you know? I just always thought there was a code of ethics among crafters and maybe that is just in my own mind.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ragon house.

That was the name of the company I couldn't remember. Phew I thought I was going crazy lol. Oh maybe I am just getting old. I have made an extra trip or two up the steps because when I get up there I have no idea what so ever what I went for. I won't remember until I come back down. hehe. I think sometimes I have 50 things going through my mind all at the same time. I will go to the bathroom and end up doing the laundry, dusting, cleaning the toilet, cleaning out a cabinet and then remember I went to actually use the bathroom lol.

My recent findings and cool stuff

What is it?
I got this too but not quite sure what it is. Does anyone know?
the wooden bowls I got for a project. The funnel for Misi's treasure hunt. And the wire rack I wanted to redo for something I am making for the spare bedroom. I will post pics when I get the stuff done.
Nicky brought this to me from her mom's basement. It has some kind of contact paper or something on top that has been painted over. I am peeling it off and it looks like oak or something under it. Can't wait to get it finished. I am going to paint the legs black to go with the two old black chairs she gave me. Then I have no idea where I am going to put it. We shall just have to wait and see what needs to go to make room for it.
I got this from the antique Mall in Bangor. I have some other cast iron stuff from my mom's house too. This stuff must last forever. I treated it when I got it home so looks a little shiny. But will be fine.
My five gallon crock, I got it at a weird little store in Brewer that I found by mistake one time. I go there whenever I get five minutes.

 These are some of the things I found when I went to see my son last weekend. The table and the other thing Nicky game me from her mom's house. Her mom passed away a couple months ago so now she is going through the process of cleaning out her mom's house. That must be so sad and hard to do.
The weekend was really great. I got so much done and had such a good time with my kid. Well I should of known that it was too good to last. Yesterday was just awful. So many things went wrong I think I spend the day on the verge of tears, if not over the verge at times. Oh speaking of which did anyone watch Army Wives the other night. Wow I think I went through a box of tissues. Geez. I have made a deal with myself that I cannot play on the internet until after 830 pm. So far so good. I just didn't seem to be getting anything done. I have made quite a few things since my pact so I hope I can keep it up. I need to make myself a list of things I need to do. Besides the things I want to do :)
Well back to blog land to see what everyone is up to.
I hope you are all having a great week.