Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I hope it is a safe and wonderful Holiday for everyone. I hope you make some memories to last a lifetime.
I hope you eat too much pumpkin pie, your turkey comes out the best ever, and you get to share it with all those you love.
I however am having my family over and I am making them do a little work before they eat. They can paint, sand, cut, sew, or glue. Whatever they choose as long as they do it well lolol. JK.
Thankful for all my prim friends here that share their talent and creations with me everyday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Title top

Okay I know this looks funny and it is bed time. Does anyone know how to make the top of this thing look right? Make one of those collages? Thanks. Son will be home on Tuesday. I can't wait. He can help me lol.

Nighty Night

Almost Thanksgiving YES!

It is almost Thanksgiving and I am so excited, I love Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a very wonderful day, making memories to last a lifetime.
It has been a very productive weekend. I went to a craft show in Canada on Saturday and it was really nice. I went a bunch of my friends and all we did was laugh. So that makes it a perfect day.

I got this sweet little prim chair at the craft fair. I just love it. Not even sure where I am going to put it.
 We did a little shopping while we were there, I bought some bizarre stuff, but I have some sweet plans.

Lots of projects going at the same time. lol What a mess, good thing I cleaned it off on Friday. I had room to pile my stuff when I got home on Saturday. it is cleaned off again now.
Oops cooked my snowman a little too long. Grunging in the oven and ADHD do not mix sometimes. I will be setting right there and a bird fly in front of the window and off I go lol.

These look so much better in real life. I love mine and I change the stuff with the seasons.

Santa's clothes after coming down the chimney

Towel cabinets for the store

Lighted birdhouses for the store.

I love the lights.
Well that is enough for one night, I will post more when I get it all done. I have all the stuff that was on the table started and almost complete.