Friday, June 10, 2011

Woohooo. Three people are going to get an awesome surprise from Firecracker Kid. Carol makes really amazing things so check it out here..
Sign up is available until June 18th. Just in time for Daddy's Day. 
Good luck everyone..


A few years back I had to move my mom to a nursing home. :O(
A couple years later I moved my dad into an apartment closer to my mom. My friends came and helped me clean out my parents home. Move my dad and all. Thank goodness for friends because that was a huge job. My dad was a woodworker too and had so much lumber at his house I could of built him a house, I swear.

Anyway after bringing TRUCK loads of lumber home to my house and my friends taking some too we finally got that all cleaned up. It is an old house. On the back porch there were some old pantry cupboards and also in the basement there were more. I think they must have moved them out of the kitchen once upon a time. Really I am not sure.
So I decided I wanted the doors and hardware off of them and I went to work with a screwdriver removing all the hardware throughout the house. Replacing where it was needed. I wanted to show you what I did this morning and what I made with those pantry doors.
So I built a box for the coffee table. Just some old wood (with bark still on the one edge. I used old snowshoe strapping to make the handles on the side.

A few dividers added for convenience

The box on my coffee table right now. Which is always a mess and doesn't have a lid to cover the mess. Why is it that when you add one person to a household (from college) that the mess triples.

Now all sorted and put in new box

Here is one of the pantry doors that I brought from my dad's house. I made a coffee table with it. If you look close you can see where I left the hardware on it. The door latch on the front. I left it open so that I could store the modern electronic stuff and my paint box. lol It is hard to be a geek and a crafter. There is just not enough room for anything.

Just the other side of the coffee table. I left the hinges on here too. I have them screwed down but the top doesn't really open. I just didn't want to remove the original hardware. I love how it came out.
Another of the pantry doors. I made a cabinet to hold all of my paint. lol Yeah right I would need a much bigger cabinet. I painted this one but I left the coffee table door as it was. I will use this for paint now but eventually who knows what it will be come.  I made a desk top with another one but didn't take a picture of that yet.
So just a few projects I wanted to share. Off to clean my house and round up all the bunnies. (dust bunnies).
Have a great day everyone

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feathers, Friends, Finishings and Floods

Well this has been another weird weather day. But I love a good storm so it is exciting.

Tornadoes in the county again today
Maine street in Caribou. In a matter of minutes it was flooded.

We drove into Burger Boy here and it was clear, by the time we ordered our food this is what was going on outside. It was so fast, amazing and scary.
Did a few of these for the store. Just some quicky things
It Rained 2.5 inches in less than an hour

My summertime swap that Misi hosted. this was all the amazing things I got from Theresa. I am not sure what blog she is from unfortunately because it was a secret and it didn't say on the card. And now that I think about it I am not sure I put that on mine that I sent either. I love it all. Look how cute the bees are. And I didnt have any of the colonial pictures so very happy with these. It is all so great.

I got all these awesome feathers from Tamara as well today. How cool is this.

made these for the store tonight too. I am making different things to hang besides the flower as well. Like flags for the 4th.

Vanna (Ryan) didn't want to be in the picture lol and I didn't want to screw it to my door. Just wanted a pic.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Even with the flash floods and scary storms everyone is safe and that is all that matters.
I hope tomorrow is a little less rain or my basement is going to be a flood zone. My gardens are taking a beating from the hail and rain. Good news is I might not have to water them for a few days I guess.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Song in my head

Don't you hate it when you get a song stuck in your head and no matter what you just keep singing it. ARRRGGG
My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring!
I guess it could be worse I could be singing something stupid like:
This is the song that doesn't end
it goes on and on my friend
some people started singing it not knowing what it was
and they'll continue singing it forever just because
This is the song that doesn't end
haha, I feel  better now that I got that out there.


All of a sudden the sky got creepily black. Clouds were literally swirling in. This has been the strangest year as far as weather goes.
I made this little dress. For those of you that sew you are thinking "okay hmm" and I who have built buildings am very excited about it lol

Sweet Annie is now coming up, YEA!

More Sweet Annie

Chives.... haha

Bleeding heart has a few blossoms. Finally

I planted sunflower seeds in this big pot. I hope they do okay. Never planted them in a pot before.
Okay I thought, wooohoo I have power and internet. Everyone I call says they are out. My power company and Time Warner are probably thinking. "Yikes, make sure you get the psycho in Limestone up and running or she will be calling us and having a fit.."  Just kidding. Kind of!! :O)
However, I can't go to the store to get some bread because the power is out everywhere. (except my house)
So I hope everyone is having a great night

Busy Busy Busy

Wow summer is a really busy time of year. At least when we are 10 feet deep in snow we get a lot done in the house. We get so few days of beautiful sunshine that it is hard to stay in the house for any amount of time.
The store has been pretty busy as well with people looking for garden decor and such. I have lots of pictures I have been taking but I am actually too tired to go get the camera to post them. Maybe tomorrow if I set down before midnight.
Well I am setting here falling asleep and since I have to work in five hours I had better get going. I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a great week. I hope you are all having some nice weather as well.