Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well this is going to be a real Maine winter weekend. It is bitter cold out there. -20 for a temp? Seriously that is nasty, it wouldn't be so bad if the wind wasn't blowing so hard. Suppose to be gusts up to 30 mph. I wanted to go south and see my son this weekend so I am sad that we can't.
I waited until the last moment to cancel the hotel though, just in case. I kept thinking maybe we could go anyway but who wants to get stranded in white out conditions with -30 wind chill. Nope not me. Will have to wait until next weekend I guess.
I miss my kid :( I guess I will have to go and clean my house and if I get that done I will build the hall chair I have been wanting.
Stay warm and safe.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The storage and potting sheds I built.

We needed a storage shed to hold the lawn mowers and four wheeler and such. They were too small and expensive to buy already made. So I said if I could buy a big saw I could make one. And so I did.
I kept looking outside all winter, when we would have a storm, just to make sure it hadn't blown over.

years later it is still here. (It isn't crocked the picture is).

Now to build a garden shed.
Its progressing.
I wonder who left the hammer up there
The inside, The windows, if you look closely, are hinged at the bottom so they open inward and the chain keeps them from opening too far.
Almost done. Now to clean up the mess I made. I made a sign that said Potting Shed. I kept the sign for about two years and finally thought, I seriously need to build a Potting Shed to hang this on. And so here it is. I need to paint a sign that says Garage maybe.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cabinet I made for my son

My son is in college majoring in food science, oooo a scientist. So I made him a cabinet to keep all of his spices and cookbooks that he uses for his concoctions. Most actually come out really great.
Anyway here is the cabinet I made for him out of an old basement window someone was throwing away and gave me instead.

I don't have the same stuff on top of it but I really like it.

This cabinet I made for my willow tree angels. My son and friends got these for me for different occasions. My son brought me home the complete Nativity set a couple weeks ago. They aren't exactly primitive but very special.
I love it.

Blanket Crane

For those of you who tried to get the pattern and couldn't here is the complete link for the pattern.
Just cut and paste it to your address bar. She has really nice pics of it as well.
Have a great night.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

APP Magazine

Woohoo, the new Primitive Place Magazine is being released on February 1st. I can't wait. I got the subscription for Christmas and carry the holiday issue around with me all the time. The houses in there are gorgeous. So many ideas so much to read. I love that magazine. I should order two subscription. The one I have now is getting a little dog eared lol.
I am so glad I started blogging here. I feel like it is okay to be excited about all this stuff because you guys are probably as excited too. Well maybe, and if not you probably won't think I am weird for being excited.
I went to an open house at "For the love of Prims" house right before Christmas. She had the magazine before I had gotten my first one. she let me look at it. My friends were "wow we hope you have a recliner or something for her because now she won't be leaving". I did but I didn't want to.
Have a good night, got some painting to do.

Blanket Crane

I got the pattern for the blanket crane at this blog.
I made mine to swivel but the pattern is stationary. It is great of her to share the pattern though. I love mine.
Check out her blog for the link, and for the other wonderful stuff she has there.

Lunch break over

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old Canning/Mason jars

I have shelves full of the old mason jars with the wire flips on them, and some with the screw on lids.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done with them? Years ago the lady next door moved out of her family farm house and gave me all kinds of stuff that she wasn't taking with her. So needless to say there was a lot of them. Among other stuff but right now I want to do something with some of them.
I don't want to keep them all, some I will make into something to sell at the store. So any suggestions?
I hope everyone is having a great week and staying warm because it definitely got cold here.
Good night blog world.

Additions to my game wall

For Christmas this year, I made all my friends and myself a Parchessi board and a tic tac toe board. I love all those old game boards.
Last week I was at the thrift store looking for redo-able junk. I found these game boards for 25 cents.

I thought they would work perfect with just a little sanding and antiquing.

Of course a little cutting as well. I love how they look and they aren't huge so they work perfect for where I wanted them.

Also they can come right off the wall to be played if we want. We do love playing games.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So loving the closet

I am so loving this closet now. I have moved all my baking type stuff in there. Bowls, spices, cake mixes, and wow the pudding. I have been making that Amish friendship bread so have a little over stock of vanilla pudding, sugar, and flour.  I am going to have to take one of the starters out of the freezer and get it going.
While gathering up all the baking supplies and equipment it left a lot of empty spaces everywhere else. So in the middle of doing the one thing I thought I better rearrange all the food in the kitchen cabinets. Which lead to me tearing off all the shelf liner paper in those cabinets. Wow what a mess I made. Those will need to be painted, but not this weekend. That liner paper was very thick. I am not even sure what it was. All the cabinets have been painted except for these three. So soon.

I really do like having all the baking supplies in one place though. That is fantastic. It might even get used now. I have also filled two body size trash bags with extras, off to the land fill tomorrow.

Well off to finish and search the internet for curtains I want to use. I might wait until I go south next week-end and see if I find something there. Who knows.

So for now. This is the progress. Life is good.

Closet done

Well I broke the shredder I think. The stinking smell kind of clued me. I painted the closet white and then added shelves. I left the shelves the weathered wood on purpose. I may paint them eventually.
I put back the stuff I want to keep and the shelves are bare. That just means now I can organize something else. I really needed some place to keep all those small appliances that I hardly use but have to have. Also things like baking pans. Oh tomorrow to paint the front door and make curtains. Oh and paint the ceiling in the entry way. I might have gotten the curtains done but I had to recaulk my tub.That is all done too. Looks great.  I did go back and paint the trim on the bottom white after seeing the pic. oops.

 I am sure by the time I do the cabinets in my kitchen it will be well used again. I can't believe how much paperwork I shredded. I hope the IRS doesn't call. I might be in trouble. lol jk.
Enough for tonight. I am thinking it might be bed time.

 I am thinking tomorrow might be just a lazy day. Maybe a little needlepoint or sewing. Maybe a little baking.