Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stress Relief Some More

I figure if I am not going to sleep I might as well be productive. I made a few door boxes last night. Not sure what color I want so I made three different colors. I only have pictures of one but the others are tan or barn red. Not even sure where I am going to put it. We shall see.
I just stuffed some stuff in it for picture sake but I will redo it when I decide where to hang it

My doors all have windows

Inside porch door. Raining too hard to try it outside anywhere. Oh wait of course it is raining.
I love a little stress relief.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I paint to relax

I love painting, woodworking. It is extremely relaxing. I just made this a few minutes ago...

Now where shall I hang it. It is long. My friend gave me the old board from her Grandfather's barn.

Life is frustrating sometimes

Rude, inconsiderate people annoy me. Venting, Venting, Venting.

I went to see my father on Father's Day.  He lives in an apartment near the nursing home where my mom is. He had gone to the ER because he pulled something onto his foot. He was doing good though. Nothing broke.
On Tuesday one of the agencies that provides care for him called and said he wasn't answering the phone. When they went there he wasn't there. My dad doesn't go anywhere because he doesn't walk much and he sure doesn't drive. This is the message on my answering machine. I try to call, no answer, so before I drive up there and find my father in bed, not okay, I would call the hospital.
Sure enough he had been admitted. The nurse can't tell me anything but she will have the doctor call me. I am his POA. No one calls me back. I call back the next morning, talk to his nurse again, again told I will have the doctor call you.
About four hours later my dad calls and is going on and on about not wanting his cat put to sleep. I had no idea what he was talking about because I hadn't talked to anyone. He was quite stressed about this. Even when I went there no one could tell me anything and they will have the doctor call me. NO CALL.
The next day I call again and asked for a supervisor. After telling them that I am calling the state she goes out and has the doctor finally call me.
Well we did a cognitive eval and have almost got the nursing home lined up. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
They tell me there is all kinds of paperwork for me to do. I go around doing all this paperwork and listen to these nasty, grumpy nurses tell me what I need to do. I am thinking who was going to do this if I didn't call there demanding some answers.
Then they tell me I have to sign paperwork stating I realize that medicare will not pay for this visit because he wasn't truly admitted, he was an observation patient.
The lady from the Veteran's Home called me, what an angel. The lady for the Department of Human Services calls me, again an angel. If it weren't for those two people I would probably be in jail from slapping those nasty crabby unprofessional witches at that hospital. I am soooooo mad. I am calling the state anyway. I am writing letters. I am seriously complaining to someone.
My father is now in a Veteran's Home, forever I guess., but not positive. Again I am his POA. I do think my dad will be happier in the Home, he will have company, but I also think I should have been notified and asked what my opinion on all this was. Maybe I wanted him to come home here. I couldn't take care of him but they could have at least asked me.
These last four days have been a whirlwind of confusion, frustration, anger, and exhaustion. I am however sending those two ladies mentioned above a gift. They were the shining light in this hell of a week. Taking care of our parents is not an easy job. I have four siblings and all but one of them only calls when they want to complain about something they think I should be doing, etc. I hang up on them.
So I am assuming someone is going to clue me in on what I do next, close his apartment? move his stuff there? etc etc. I have no idea. I think I am going to go and cry for a while, relieve a little stress, and tomorrow will have to be a better day.
I hope you are all having a good week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A surprise giveaway

Lori and Heather are having and open house on July 14th... they are also having a surprise giveaway. The drawing for this is July 14th. Even if you don't get right over there and check out their blog you should check out their Items they have for sale. They do really great work. You can see it all right here. Good luck everyone. I hope I get to tell you what is in the package :O)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun - Feathers - Frustration

What a year and it is almost half over. It is flying by. :O( The first day of a beautiful summer I hope.
Well I got some sweeeeeeeeeeet feathers in the mail today. Robin (The Cranky Crow) sent me these. She begged them off her niece and I am so glad she did. They are amazing. I don't even know what kind of feathers they are. I wanted to use them for some projects I have going but they are so pretty I am not sure now.
they came packaged all carefully in the TP roll and then in the tube. I was driving home from the post office pulling off the tape and thinking "I hope a moose doesn't walk out into the road, I don't have time to watch for them." Phew they didn't.
You know I have been known to wield a mean saw. I have built buildings and furniture and lots of other things. I can look at something and just build it. But... on that note.... I am not so great with a sewing machine and I have a great respect for those of you who can make these patterns.
I wanted one of the bonnets so decided I can do that. Well after several verbal outbursts I finally got one made that I like. I wanted the tail part longer but the next one will be right. I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I figured I could just treat it like a piece of wood and cut and tuck. PROBLEM: You can't sand off your mistakes. Here it is anyway.
I will make another one with a longer tail but puffy like the second one. I will dirty them up probably but for now it is done.

My beautiful hybrid lilac. Smells sooooooooooo good.
there seems to be a little glitch in the hybriding. I am not sure what happend but part is pure white in this spot. Still beautiful.
Not sure what this is but Oh I love it. The green one beside it is the female that gets berries in the fall I guess. Just planted them last year so not sure. Anyone know?

A new hanger for the 4th. Vanna still not wanting to be in the picture. hehe
 That is about it for tonight. I hope you are all having a great week.
Enjoy the nights of summer.

Winner Winner Winner

OOOPPPPSSSS... Doing a giveaway is not so easy I see. It took me longer to organize the drawing of the winner than it did to make the giveaway lol.There must be an easier way but I just don't know what it was.
Anyway there was 77 entries and the winner is Pam at BasketsnPrims. Thanks to everyone that entered and for all the great comments.
I am going to be doing another giveaway in a couple weeks so please try again.  So Pam if you send me your address I will get your gift out to you.
Thanks again everyone.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Primtiive Hutch Giveaway

Robin is having her 1 year anniversary. To celebrate she is having a giveaway. A garden doll that she made from a Blue MooN begiNNiNgs Design. How adorable and prim is she?!?!?!?!?
You can sign up here. (Patti at Raspberry Lane Prims taught me how to link lol).
The drawing is on July 1. Robin has a wonderful blog so check it out.