Friday, February 11, 2011

NO DVR???? Long post.

I took back my DVR to Time Warner today. I swear every time I look at my bill it goes up more and more. So...The conversation at the cable company was seriously bizarre,
ME: I want the DVR, I just don't want all these channels that I don't watch, paying 90 a month for this is crazy. (Just kind of matter-of-factly)
HER: Yes a lot of people are down grading.
ME: Well I am happy with the first 22 channels anyway, that is all I watch most of the time.
HER: Do you have a HD tv?
ME: yeah but I don't watch the HD channels, I forget they are there and just don't bother.
 HER: you will only have the basic channels.
ME: Yeah that is all I watch, I just wanted the DVR so I kept the full package, but it isn't worth it anymore.
HER: there really isn't anything on the lower channels though.
I have always been told that I have to have digital cable if I want to have their DVR
ME: Well can I keep the DVR with the basic package? Can I use it with the basic package?
HER: Well yes but it really isn't worth it, you won't be saving anything if you do that. It really doesn't make any sense.
ME: Those are the only channels I watch anyway
HER: But what will you record.
ME: (thinking to myself) seriously are you simple lady???????
ME: I will get NBC< CBS< ABC< FOX< CWB< and a bunch of others. I watch, NBC< CBS< ABC<FOX< CWB only those, none others. JUST THOSE
HER: But you won't be saving anything doing that.
ME: Okay my bill is 165 a month. If I give you back the DVR and get just basic cable, with internet and phone included of course. My bill will be 90. so already I am saving 75.00. And the DVR is 10 a month. So I can have the DVR and still save about 50-60 a month, I think that is quite a big savings.
HER:::::: But there is nothing on those channels, you wont have any of the HD channels, what will you record.
ME: Seriously, we have come full circle here, did you not hear anything I just said?
HER: You can call the 1-800 number and ask them if they are running any specials if you want. You have until Tuesday to change your mind. Then after that you will have to pay to upgrade. Make sure when you call you tell them I offered you options.
ME: Seriously? What are you offering me, to keep what I have because it is such a great deal?
The whole time I am smiling, kind of just laid back and thinking, I wonder how long I can make this lady go on about this before she just gives me the box for free to get rid of me. lol
I love messing with those people, and I know they are there to sell the services but come on. Don't be so rediculous. I drove 45 minutes to bring you the stupid box, evidently it is going to have to be a great deal for me to take it back home with me lol.
So I am waiting to find out what my bill will be without the box and with it. Oh I should call the 1-800 number now and find out lol
Have a great weekend, I am going to go mess with Time Warner employees

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Challenging Myself

I was thinking, I get these magazines, I look through them for inspiration, ideas, motivation, eye candy.
So starting on February 14th I am going to go through the new APP magazine. I am going to pick a project a day or every two days to do. I am going to use an idea something from each of the two page spreads to inspire me to do something. Motivational candy.
I am thinking this is going to be really good for me. I will get the curtains done that I want to do, or paint my cabinets, or something. I will have to spend from now until then deciding what I am going to do from each pair of pages. I might have to take a vacation. By the time I am done the next issue will be in the mail. Oh the fun I will have. Anyone want to join in?


I GOT MY MAGAZINE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So excited can you tell?  I don't dare open it until after work or I will have to call the office and say something has come up I can't work lol.
Oh yes, love this whole blogging experience, everyone is so unbelievably helpful, and nice, friendly. As a bonus most have the same interests.
 Life is good.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Seriously is it just me or, does anyone else float around from blog to blog looking at pictures? Do you wonder how you can get adopted by any of them? I would go to work as their maid if I could tour their houses in person. Extraordinary!!!!!! There are some majorly talented, creative, artistic people among these blogs. Speaking of maids. I don't have one so I had better stop dreaming about and get something done. Off to make supper and tea stain some muslin for needlepoint. Oh the joys of being chefless and maidless.
Just for now....


Still no magazine. *sniff* going to have to take stock in tissue. I think I should subscribe to some more then I will get one on a regular basis. Off to shop on the internet. Anyone else want some too? :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So Far The Hutch

 Here is my hutch, with the china in it. And other stuff? lol
It looks like I am in between holidays here trying to so something but who knows what.
After I redid my closet/now pantry. I had the bottom of the hutch empty. so I put all my china in the bottom and just put some bowls inside. I just got the big bowls from Colonial Tin a few weeks ago. there is one insde as well.

So the question is... Do I paint it. I want to replace the glass, right now it has like leaded glass or whatever it is called. So maybe just clear glass.

I got a new GPS. Can't wait to try it out next time I go to see my son.

What Is This

 Does anyone know what this is suppose to be? I should of taken the pic against a white wall. It is just the middle shelf there and the bottom one. There is no back on it at all. It is just up against one of the doors in my entry way. I might of thought it was a shelf but it has legs on it. I thought a tv stand but the shelf is only about 8 inches on the top. The bottom shelf is wider. Oh the dilemma. Also those knobs on the front that look like drawers, are NOT. It is a fake drawer. Weird.
I know what it will be in a couple of days, I just don't know what it is now.

Anyway,,,, any thoughts?