Friday, April 1, 2011

Well It Wasn't A Prank

Oh here I am, all tucked up in my house with a load of lumber and some soda (with caffeine). It IS going to be a good night.
I do believe that Mother Nature needs to have a talk with Old Man Winter because it is just a snowing and a blowing out there. Like seriously it is April 1st and I just drove home and there are cars off the road all over the place. HELLO PEOPLE you live in northern Maine, learn to drive like a native lol.
I shouldn't say that because tomorrow I will have an accident and someone, somewhere will be posting on their modern decor blog about the idiot in a 4x4 off the road. Oh but what do they know. Modern decor, hmph.
I guess it will be tuna sandwiches instead of beans for supper. If the house is going to be closed up for two days due to stormy weather there will be no bean eating here. I do have a little common sense. Shoot I should have gotten some groceries while I was buying soda. I don't even have any Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs.
HEHEHE I am going to go outside and fill some canning jars with snow. Then I am going to make a shelf and set them on it. REAL MAINE SNOW. Sell them in the store. I do know they will melt and I could just fill them with water from the tap but then the sign would be a lie. I am a very honest person. However the water in my well was probably once snow. Hmmm.
Okay really, seriously, I am not insane, not even close, however I do believe that I might have just a tad of cabin fever.
Well here is hoping everyone is have a great day.

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  1. Kat: You've been crackin' me up all're such a goof; wish you lived closer...we could get in some serious trouble!!!