Saturday, February 26, 2011


I finished redoing one of the old cheeseboxes. I don't know what I am putting in it yet. I think I might use it to do seasonal displays. Have to wait until I get the mess I made cleaned up and then decide.
I worked on my hall chair some more too. Another coat of paint, a little sanding, some waxing and it should be done. I did get some hooks to put on the top of the inside. Can't wait to get it all done.

I had to take it back down to my workshop in the basement and hopefully when it comes back up tomorrow it will be done. then I can rearrange my entry way. I hope it fits and looks alright.
I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nap or Sleep

Went to pick up my son today. Driving 8 hours in this nasty storm was a pain in the neck (literally) but my baby is home for two weeks so very much worth it.
I want to work on my bench, I have been doing little bits and just need to do a couple more things before I put another coat of paint on it. I did however cut one side totally wrong so had to swap it out with Nicky's lol.
If it ever stops snowing and blowiing and leaving 6 foot drifts everywhere maybe Nicky can come over and finish these things. I could do it my self but the whole point was to do a project with my best friend for her birthday and the making is most of the fun.
Now exhausted and setting here thinking, if I fall asleep at 930pm and get up 6 hours from now is that a nap or a bedtime. I never sleep more than six hours and I am dying here. 
I hope everyone is having a safe happy weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working Working Working

Well I got the back of my Hall bench all glued together and two coats of paint on it.
I have the sides downstairs glued and clamped. I can't wait to get it finished. Now I just have to put those together and build the box seat. Put the trim on it, paint it a couple more times. Sand, wax. Oh I probably should of measured the space. It better fit.
Off to measure
Good night all

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm on a bunny hunt

I was at a blog a couple days ago, the person had these little wax bunnies. Does anyone know who this might be so I can go back there? They were very prim but wax I am pretty sure.
it was a selling blog.
Any ideas?


Wow, not only was this the fourth day of my four day weekend, but it has been a wonderful day.
I got a bunch of stuff done for the store, went and dropped that off. Got a Tim Horton's donut, yum.
Went to visit and have lunch with a dear friend. Cleaned my kitchen. There is a table in there again. Got a bunch of stuff painted this afternoon.
My friend had given me a couple of large round wooden cheese boxes. I am painting one to see what it will look like when done. I hope it comes out great.
My friend Nicky hasn't been able to come over because by afternoon every day the wind has picked up and our road is a mess because it is in the boonies. But maybe after work this week.
Oh and HOLY COW, Primitive Place on facebook posted that someone had 11 copies of the premier issue of their magazine for sale. I GOT ONE. That one was sold out before my subscription went in and I was very sad but OH MY LUCKY DAY. I am getting one.
Doing a little jig of joy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Day

What a wonderful lazy day it has been. Oh and I still have tomorrow off. I think that makes today even better. I say lazy but I got a lot done already. Painted about 15 signs for the store, made a few new things, cleaned up the kitchen mess I had going. Laundry done, now down to the basement to work on my hall bench. Think I had better call Nicky and tell her to get over here.
I hope you are all having a great Sunday doing whatever it is you love to do.

Guess what I am making?

I am making something, and it is not just a mess either. 
 Every year now, for the past few years, I have my best friend pick a project, or tell me something she would like to have for her birthday.
I get the supplies needed to create/complete the project as part of my gift.
One year we did her bathroom, and her bedroom. We build closet/cabinets and stuff like that and painted, etc.

Whatever she picks though, I get the supplies and then we get together for some great fun and we do the project together.
This year it is a hall chair/bench whatever they are called. This is the prep. On the chairs are the boards for the backs, all base coated in black.
On the table are the boards for the sides. So the project begins. I have no idea how to build one of these things but I am hoping they will come out great.
Hers will be a uniform blue and mine I am painting Yellowish Cupboard White buttermilk paint.
 The small boards are not for the bench, those are prepping of sign boards for the store. Oh and on the end is one of the cheese boxes that my friend gave me from her basement. Oh what shall I do with those.
 Yes that is suppose to be a clothes drying rack along the wall. However I have come to realize it makes a great drying rack for wood. Right to the left of it is my woodstove so makes for some quick drying. Works great.
I will post more pictures as a go along, and I will post the final project, no matter how it turns out.
Have a great weekend all.

Printed fabric, Amazing People

It worked, I ran it right through the printer.
Well this is just amazing. Lorna (Live Oak Primitive Peddler) posted about printing on fabric. I couldn't believe it. Great idea. Also, I was wandering around A Pickled Pepper Patch and she posted directions on how to do it. She is also the one that had posted this needlepoint pattern (I had saved from a previous visit to her blog), (or at least I hope it was her). 
Anyway I thought hmmm, brand new wireless printer, do I dare? What if it only works on certain printers. "Oh what the hey, it is just a printer". It was 11:00pm and I dug out my freezer paper, previously tea stained fabric and gave it a whirl.
It worked amazing. I couldn't believe it. No more light box, no more tracing onto fabric. Oh how I wish I had know this earlier. Not that I do a lot of needlepoint anymore, but I love to. I have some ready for when I go on a trip, (something to do in the car or hotel, while waiting at appointments, stuff like that.
So thank you to you most amazing people for always sharing such great ideas, tips, hints, life experiences, laughs, etc. Thank you I am so loving blogging and the people I meet here, everyday someone or something that I see or read here brings a smile to my face. What more can you ask for from anyone.
Have a great weekend

I started stitching while I was waiting for my son.

I left the paper on so that it would not stretch and basically thought why not!

Finished product. Almost. I still need to put my name in the little box at the bottom and frame it or something.