Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Leap List Week 4

Week 4 was another busy week. I am so addicted to Pinterest I am not getting as much done as I would like. Also joined the American Legion this fall so that is added to my list of to-dos but so worth it. The people there are great. Life after empty nest syndrome. 
So for my Leap List week 4:
2. Started another needlepoint from Primitive Betty's
2. I made curtains for my spare room. Got this linen like/type fabric at Joann's on clearance but it was perfect for what I wanted and it only cost 12.00 to do both windows. Works for me.....
I haven't figured out how I want to tie them back so .... another week. I used buttons at the top to make the fold. I like them a lot. They hang so nice.
I sorted most of that mess in Ryan's room and you can see I am still alive.... he slept on the sofa. hahaha. I told him he could sleep in the new, bright spare room and he just gave me a funny look. lol I took it he meant no. He is just a tad bit tall to sleep on the sofa but he managed lol.
If you saw my previous post you will know that this was is a major accomplishment in itself. I gave most of it away and some of it will go to the attic in a "small tote". The vhs tapes are waiting for me to get my butt to the basement to make them a shelf to live on. I wish I were rich, I would just go out and buy all the blue rays and hopefully he would let me throw these all away. Oh wellllll...... A shelf it is. IN HIS ROOM.
1. Finished putting up the trim in the bedroom. Put some of the stuff on the walls. It is coming along. I am hoping it will be finished this week. HOPEFULLY!

Paint cans and such still need to come out and this shelf definitely needs some work but I still have lots I want to do in here. It looks so bright and cheery when go in there now. :)
4. I went to Bangor with one of my dear friends and had such a great time. I think making time to spend with my friends is going to be a big priority this year. I miss them. Working full time and always crafting for the store takes up so much of my time. I don't want that to be my whole life though. So that is changing.
4. Brought my son home with me from Bangor on Friday and took him back this morning. It is a 3 hour drive down. Shop for an hour or so, and then 3 hours back. Of course I got stopped for speeding. It is hard when you get off the I95 where you can now drive 75 and then drive 55. Of course I got stopped in a 30 doing ..... (can't say), it just wasn't good lol. They were so nice though, gave me a warning. PHEW!
Well that is about it for this week. If i got nothing more done, other than spending time with my family and friends, it would have  been enough.
I hope you all have a great week.