Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Hometowns

We went north yesterday to visit my mom and do a little shopping. (Yes there is a little bit north of us, not much, but a wee bit). This song  reminds me of what we saw.
It really is sad. Stores are closing down everywhere. No one has any money. Even if it is just a few people employed, still means a few people unemployed. Vicious circle. The big businesses are putting all the small businesses out of business. I don't pretend to understand completely all the mess this country is in I just know it makes me sad to see it.
We always try to shop local if at all possible. We shop in Maine based stores, or locally owned stores. We try not to shop at the places like Walmart if we can help it.
I wish everyone would try to do the same.
Well I am off in the morning to take my son back to college :(
So I hope it is a good weekend for everyone. Stay safe and dry.

I am drooling!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure most of you follow Teresa's blog but if you have been busy lately you should go over and take a look at her kitchen pics. OMG it is sooooooo beautiful. I am just so amazed at her decorating talent. She is my YODA. Check it out right here.
I am in awe!!!!!

Hurricane Coming

I hope everyone stays safe during this new storm warning. We are expecting a tropical storm here where we live. It has rained almost everyday this summer so another day of rain hopefully won't be too bad. I wonder if the dampness will ever dry up in my basement. Crazy weather this year.
So stay dry, stay safe.

A Great Idea for a Giveaway.

Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives is having a different kind of giveaway. I am thinking this is a really great idea.
She will be giving this rook hooking kit as her prize. Sign up here! It is not the completed project it is a kit for you to do yourself along with her. So not only do you get the prize but you learn a new hobby/craft. I love it.
So when you go sign up can you tell her I sent you please?

Once you sign up you can check out Tutorial #1. She has explained the purchasing and preparing or your wool. Also how to do it on a budget, at least for the learning process.

I am quite excited about this. Good luck to everyone that enters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here you are. An awesome giveaway. You make yourself. Maureen at Sweet Meadows Farm Happenings is giving away the pattern and supplies to make this "scarebear". I think he might be just a bit too cute to be scarey though. The mice he carries are a teeny bit scary. So click the link above and sign up for this wonderful giveaway.

Ah he wants to come and live with me.

Tammy at A Primitive Place is wanting to send this cute bear home with me. Well okay she wants to send him home with someone and I am just hoping it is me. If you want to sign up click on his picture on my sidebar. If you want to sign up and just leave my mailing address that is okay too. How cute is this guy? She made him herself from a burlap bag. How cool is that. I am thinking sewing that was not a great treat.
So good luck everyone, go check out her blog and sign up to give him a good home.
I hope everyone is doing well.