Monday, September 19, 2011

What I have learned lately!

So as you can see by my last post it was a little depressing here. I took a trip and went to see my kid and just get away for a few days. We went to a resort at Point Sebago. Beautiful and relaxing.
Before I left I packed some wool and thread. I packed a jar of staining mixture, and some fabric in need of staining.
Well I learned that a gas stove does not cook quite the same as electric. Also you should also double check the temp you have it set at.  I put it on provided roasting pan. Went to take a shower, oops. Smoke alarm is soon blaring lol. It came out great except for a few black spots. Of course leaving the door open when it is 30 degrees outside is not great. But smoke filled home is not either.
I also learned that directions for soap making are not always easy to follow evidently. (APP spring issue).
I followed them or at least I thought I did. It overflowed all through my microwave. All over the insides, yup looking at the picture still makes me laugh.
I decided after this mess to try it my own way. However this is still funny.

So after cleaning the microwave for 20 minutes I got the soap above. Better at least. So tried again.

Added lavender and orange spice oils. Smells great and just needs to be wrapped now. I made it in an old bread pan and then cut it into shape. Yup the exploded mess is still funny.
Now for some great stuff. I won this most amazing Halloween tree from Denise at Country Creations by Denise. Check out her blog Here!  Her creations are absolutely amazing. Everyone should have one of these trees. Thanks again Denise, I love it.
Haha, I know I need to rotate it and I will later. It is 11 and I have to get to bed. BUT this tree is so wonderful. Look at the painting on the bucket? She does great work.  Love it.
Just recently I did a swap with Donna, at Donna's Primitive Blessings. She sent me so many wonderful things. I will have to get busy taking pictures. I did get a couple tonight but will get the rest sooon.
The bad with the peppergrass, the light w/ George the bottle on the shelf, with herbs, the George light below. There was so much more and I will be sure to add those pics as soon as i get my lazy but moving and change the battery in my camera. I will post pics of our mini vacation as well.

So I hope everyone has a great week. It is definitely Monday and I need sleep. Be well, stay safe.