Friday, April 1, 2011

A lazy day

I read everyone's posts and view all the pictures, which again I want to thank everyone for sharing. I LOVE IT.
So I believe you are all pretty busy women. Can you just imagine, if you took a whole day to just lay around, read a book, look at magazines, eat, (not peanut butter and fluff though, it makes you really hyper), watch a movie, nap, take a hot bath, do nothing of any real importance.
Have you ever done that? And not because you were sick either. What is a nice relaxing day for you? I bet it involves cocoa puffs like mine would.
My treasure chest.......
I think that is exactly what I am going to do on Sunday. I am going to give it a whirl anyway. I am not going anywhere, not doing anything related to work, reading a book, looking at all my magazines. Going through my treasure chest and just dream about what all I am going to make.
Yeah okay, I will have to see how that goes. The last time I sat around and did nothing for a whole day was 11 years ago when I had a little heart trouble so we shall see.


  1. can't see it happening. i don't think we women are made that way. i felt guilty the day i was sick!

  2. I had a heart attack when I was pretty young. I almost drove the nurses in intensive care crazy lol.

  3. Kat~
    My dream idea of a day doing nothing is to stay in my PJ's all day long~

    yep, just a day to stay in my pj's and do what ever comes my way~ maybe having the time to back homemade cinnamon rolls & frost them~ and eat most of the frosting~ maybe even watch TV a complete movie without getting up to do laundry~
    Nope probably won't happen~ Last time I stayed in my pj's was over a year ago when I was running a temp and couldn't see straight to know what was going on!!!!(rather not stay in my pj's that way LOL)

    smiles~ it's a nice thought~

  4. Have fun on your day off.I havent done that in 28 years.I need a day off.

  5. Years ago a friend of mine once told me there will be plenty of time to lay around when you're dead...lately I'm begining to think they may have been serious...

  6. Well Kat... I'm pretty hyper so it is hard for me sit still and do nothing..But the last time I did was last summer.I was still on kelley's Island where I work in the summer...Staying in my camper with screened dinning canopy and a woods behind the camper. I had cleaned like 12 houses over a 5 day period and was just plain Whipped... So Monday came.. I said I'm simply not doing anything today but play with my critters and read a book. Stayed in my Pj's, and read the Pelican Brief, ate grapes and played with my critters..Around 5 Puddles and I went for a walk in the woods. Came back had dinner and finished my book falling asleep with my cats curled up beside me...It was great and exactly what I wanted to do.. So it does happen but not to often...