Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #4 part 3 Final week

My fur baby, it's a hard life, sewing a quilt I guess.

My fur baby as a prop with flowers. I gave him treats and he still didn't seem to like it. Go figure not manly enough for him I guess.  OUCH

PS.  He is our rescued cat and the best. Also he didn't really scratch me, that is just ketchup and paint, he said it would help with his imagine to offset the flowers and since it was such a small request I thought "oh okay, why not". lol
For those of  you that played along with this amazing fun it has been great getting to check out your blogs and for those of you who missed it. IT WAS A BLAST. Thanks Misi.

Scavenger Hunt #4

John Frieda's Shampoo, Warm Vanilla Sugar foaming bath soap, and Christmas Vacation. Also the best movie ever Practical Magic. The corn dryer and Metal tree I finally found from the other lists. Even though I already finished those ones I wanted to add these as it was fun finding them and cleaning out my closet in the process. I was going to try to find the gummi bear vitamins but after the incident with the mercury and some swedish fish i didnt dare.

I only had time to put the bare essentials in my picture even though I have a bathroom full of bath and body. This one was great because if I hadn't been off to get the vanilla I wouldn't have known they were having a great sale. A lot of new scents again for spring. Yum!  So I have a big birthday party tonight for a dear friend so wanted to at least get my list posted. Hope everyone is having a great day.
Warm Vanilla foaming hand soap, John Freida Shampoo, And Christmas Vacation. the 3 items.

The Keeping Room Surprise

The Keeping Room is a new selling blog. They are trying to reach 100 followers. When they reach their goal (which should be easy as they sell really great things) they are doing a surprise giveaway with items from their selling blog. Check it out, help them out, and have a really great weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TGIF for me anyway.

This is my Friday and I have some awesome projects lined up. What are you all doing this weekend?
I think spring might really be on it's way finally. Still a lot of snow out there but it is only April. Everything in time I guess. At least I am not mowing lawns yet. I do like the smell of fresh cut grass.
Ooooo I almost forgot, I have to go buy a half eaten pizza tonight. Lol. Playing scavenger hunt games with Misi and it is an absolute blast. I can't wait to try some of the things she listed. Love a little pampering.
Well what's everyone up to? Oh I almostbforgot, trash and treasure this weekend.
Need anything?

Monday, April 4, 2011

What I learned yesterday

Well I learned that doing nothing is a lot more work than doing something. I got up early and thought oh I will get the laundry done and clean the laundry room. Done.
I cleaned the entry way and the kitchen. Vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the counters, etc.
Then I realized, hey this is suppose to be my do nothing day. So I sat on the sofa and grabbed my Ipod thinking I would read my book. Oh but maybe I should sew just a little bit on my quilt. Just a little won't hurt. Maybe I should paint those couple things in the basement. So I sewed and I painted. OOPS not suppose to be doing anything today.
Well forget that. I went to the bookstore to see if they had the new Create and Decorate to see Patti's feature but no luck. Picked up a few more groceries. Went to vacuum my truck. Yup still not doing "Nothing". 
Trying to sew Sunday morning but Mort had other ideas.

I got it done and it is all just scraps mostly. I love all the colors. Thinking I might do another one.

Mort guarding it again. Or waiting to nap on it.
I did finish my quilt though. So I guess a productive day is way easier than a do nothing day.
I hope you all had a great do nothing weekend.