Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fire and Ice

I think I am losing my mind. I have the woodstove going in the kitchen. The front door open in the living room. It is raining out there and I love the sound of it dripping off the house. Right outside the door there is an old washtub that collects water and I can hear it like a puddle. I use the water for plants when it isn't raining and the birds like to have a little bath every now and then as well.
One minute I am cold and the next minute I am roasting like a duck. Growing up is rough :O)
Dripping so much it looks like a whirlpool. However, it keeps some of the dirt from splashing up on the house.
if you look up in the left hand corner you will see where it is screwed to the wood piece that holds the roof over our door. the overhand thingy. Can't remember what it is called but basically not screwed to the siding.
I would want to play in this if I were five years old again. Okay I want to play in it now but it is chilly out there.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My first Giveaway

I wanted to repost my first giveaway. I have gotten several emails from people that are having a hard time posting to blogs. So here it is, I hope everyone that wanted to can get to enter.
If you can't post and you email me that you would like to enter and are following my blog, I will keep those emails separate and still enter you. Blogger will hopefully get the issues fixed.

I think it is about time I got in gear and did my first giveaway. I keep saying to myself, "do it tonight" but then life sucks me in and I forget. Erma Bombeck wrote about me in her books. Or at least that is how I feel sometimes.

I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people I have "met" since blogging. It is so great having people to talk to and share ideas with that have similar interests. I have learned and laughed a lot in the past few months.
So now for the details.
1. You must be a follower, new followers welcome
2. Leave a comment on this post saying you'd like to be entered
3. If you post on your sidebar or do a post on your blog I will give you an extra entry.
4. You must live in the USA, for at least my first giveaway.  
5. If you post your favorite quote I will give you an extra entry. 

My favorite quote:

To be in your children's memories tomorrow
You have to be in their lives today.

I will leave it open until June 19th and drawing on June 20th. That will give me time to add other items to my drawing. 
I hope everyone is having a great week.
Again, thank you everyone for all you share.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

City Wide Yardsale

Okay this is a terribly ugly yellow and I hate the heart cutout but it will be great once refinished. I will post pics. it needs to be sanded soon!!!

I think I have the top on backwards but not sure yet. Already started sanding. The back piece slides up and becomes the table top. This is going in the game room. I was going to refinish it for the store but it got claimed.

I don't even know if I will do anything to this. It is so old and cool. I should of taken a picture from the sides, it looks like someone made it in their barn.

Okay this old trunk has been claimed as well. My son is now using it for a coffee table in his room. I just cleaned it up and stained it inside. He liked it just the way it is. It has a nice old finish to it.

Love all the advertisements and recipes and such in these old papers

The little table has already been sanded and painted. Just need to prim it up and i will take a picture of it again.

Love this old sled

I like the enamelware. White ironstone dishes inside. They are going to be in my kitchen soon. I forgot about them until just now. I got a halloween jello mold to use for beeswax bowl fillers. The old suit case I love these. I have them in the spare rooms to store different stuff like linens.

How cute is this old folding chair. It is child size.
Our local towns and cities, and I use the word city very very loosely,  They have a grocery store and no dept stores lol. Anyway every year on different weekends the whole town will have a city/town wide yardsale. It is really fun and there are always so many to go to. This year my friends and I did one, and all the proceeds were for Relay for Life. On Friday I went over to my friends house with the plan being we were going to set up for the sale and price things. I get there and she wants to hit a few of the sales that were opening early. Well about 6 hours later, and two pick up loads of stuff we finally made it back to her house to set up for the sale. I got all this stuff for less than forty dollars. I got a bunch of small things too but as you can see my front porch is so full it is hard to take pics, much less get to it all.
The next one is on the 4th in another town. I can't wait.
Oh and I got two old ironing boards at the land fill too.
here is one of them. the other one is all wood. And those two little shelves on the rocking chair in the background as well. Yikes my porch was seriously a mess there for a couple of days.

Sunday, May 22, 2011