Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where to shop

Where do people buy beeswax? I have looked everywhere up here in the boonies and there is none. Is it cheaper online or should I look at AC moore when I go downstate?
Did you know when you are shopping at Joann's you can use your AC moore coupons as long as it is something they sell at AC and it is not on sale at Joann's. This works great as AC usually has better coupons.
Anyway how about a pattern for Prairie curtains? I have looked online and at Joann's and nothing. Any suggestions? Tobacco cloth? Oh how I wish we had normal stores up here.
Since it is after midnight and my Friday and have to work in a few hours I had better get to bed.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Having a great life

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  1. Hello Kath! Just found your blog! I can sympathise totally with you as I live in Ireland and we have ZERO craft/prim stores so I have to source everything online and pay through the nose for it!!!
    Hope you get sorted!
    Best wishes