Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Shopping

Okay, I know this is going to be a dumb question but oh well I want to shop.
I have never shopped on etsy before. I have done ebay and amazon and all that but never etsy. How does this work. I look and at the top of each one it has the price. Or what I am assuming is the price. At the bottom of each picture it states shipping ie. 5.00 with another item 0.00
So does that mean if I order two items I get free shipping? Does it mean it doesn't matter how many items I order it is 5.00 each? The one I am looking at the item is 12.00 and the shipping is 5.95 but with another item it is 0.00.  The item I am ordering is not big at all, in fact quite small so the shipping seems high but what do I know I mail big things.
Can someone explain this please? Help me shop? Since most of you have etsy shops I thought someone could help.


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  2. Kat, You are charged the higher amount of shipping - say one is $7.95 shipping with $0.00 on the second item. Another item is $6.95 shipping with $0.00 on the second item, you will be charged only $7.95. At my etsy shop, I usually have a $1.00 or $2.00 charge on the second basket, just because they take up more room and the box is bigger - hence a more expensive shipping price. You can "load" your shopping cart and see what the shipping will be before purchasing. Ofcourse, these shipping charges apply to each individual etsy shop. Hope this makes sense. ~Ann

  3. Well thank you I am going to go shop and see what happens. I love these Etsy shops. There are a lot of great ones.
    Thanks again

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