Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Blogging

Did I mention that I love this blogging community and all the amazing, wonderful, talented, creative, friendly people I have met here. Well if I didn't I am mentioning it now!

I went to this little out of the way junk store today that I found a few years back. I got a cast-iron French roll pan that I love for $4. I got a 5gallon crock, it has some writing on the front but it is packed away in the car so cant remember what, and I was so excited to find it tucked away in the corner,$20. Everything was 60% off. So I think I got some good deals. I will post pics when I get back home. I got a couple other things as well. I love the crock but yikes those things are heavy. The lady had to help me get it out lol. I am not a wimp but sometimes those stores have everything squished in and you have to climb like a monkey. I made some terrible racket looking through the old cookie cutters and kitchen gadgets lol.

They had some ironstone there but I though it was too expensive. So I only got the stuff I really loved.

Honestly though, I was looking around all over the place thinking.....hmmmm I wonder what Misi will put on her next list lol.
Having a great weekend!


  1. How funny..I'm trying to think what Misi will put on her list next too! We are obsessed, I think! I was hoping that she'd put a carpet beater on...since I have one of those! Great that you got a crock for $20...sounds like a big one! Todd, Josh and I are going to the largest Antique mall in NY state has over 1000 vendors and is about an hr from us...never been there before...hoping to find stuff that's on the list...and some others too like cookie cutters, crocks, other pottery and whatever else I find! I'm so excited. Told Todd that we'd be there at least a few hours...hope Josh behaves

  2. I know what you mean. I went to Goodwill and a thrift store today and all I had on my mind was finding something I could use for the Scavenger Hunt! It is definitely getting harder but I am trying very hard to get by.....

  3. Oh me too but it is soooooo much fun. It's not like I am looking from frustration. it is like a treasure hunt. I am seriously having fun.

  4. Hi Kat, I too just love blogging!! So glad I jumped in and started.
    Can't wait to see your treasures!!

  5. I love Blogging too Kat... it is so much fun and its like you get to share your day with so many friends all at one time.. Like an old fashioned Tea where all the ladies got together in the parlor and just talked the day away with news...

    Sounds like you had fun junking/thrifting...
    I had a good week at the thrift store again this week too...

    have a great day!