Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Trouble

Okay a couple weeks ago I showed you all the paint I ordered. Well I took about five different cans. I wanted to repaint the bottom half of my kitchen and the cabinets. Well what was I thinking.
I took about five different cans and painted big patches on one wall. Not small but big. Thinking for sure one of the colors I would love. Well I took a couple of opinions and painted part of my cabinet with that color. I liked it best as well. Well now.....NOT SO MUCH. It is too dark. Now what do I do.
The top half of my walls are a cream color. The bottom half were a nice lighter antique sage. I tried pearwood, chestnut, antique sage, antique pewter, and one other. YUCK. What do I do now, I have a wall that looks like a clown exploded. I don't think I have the original green.
I wonder if I paint the bottom half a rittenhouse ivory, (tanish) and leave the top cream, and then paint the cabinets the antique pewter. Do you think that would be weird? three colors. Oh what a mess. And I have company coming tomorrow night.
Maybe, in the light of day things will be better and I will find the original color somewhere.

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  1. I'm visual...gotta see a pic...sorry to hear that you are not happy with it Kat!!