Friday, March 25, 2011

Paint Selections :(

Antique green . Antigue PewterPearwood,  Chestnut.

the box color was the color I thought I would like, but I am thinking it is too dark. My kitchen only has one small window. the cabinets are now the color you see
Clown Wall

Original Color

Here is the clown wall that I don't like any of the selections.


  1. Good morning Kat,
    Personally, I like the pear color. Is that the same one you also used on the cabinets?
    You have to like it though, isn't it weird? I like this color in other peoples' homes, just can't do it in my home!
    I read someplace that you should keep cabinets neutral, but a few shades either direction of the wall color.
    I think it's hard to decide on color sometimes.
    I hope you can find something you like, and I wouldn't worry about your company, they should be coming to see YOU, not your kitchen!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I like the pearwood chestnut out of all 3...

  3. Morning Kat,

    Oh, the Pearwood chestnut is my favorite !

    The pewter color is great for hgtv homes ! :o)

    I wish my kitchen had more natural lighting !


  4. There are four colors actually.
    The fourth one is chestnut, it is a tan color on the end.
    My cabinets are the color they are now. But the box on the counter is the Antique Pewter

  5. Love your melted candle, made me laugh! It's always hard to me anyway picking out a paint color.