Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WaaaWaaaWaaa Weather

I did it, I deleted the weather link from  my laptop. It is just way too depressing.
Sunny. Highs in the mid 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Mostly clear. Lows around 15 below. North winds around 5 mph.
I have decided though, I am not going to worry about how cold it is, or how much snow we get as long as I can get to the store every now and then for caffeine, magazines, mail, and my internet doesn't go down. Oh then I will be mad. lol
It will just make me appreciate spring all that much more. I won't even mind when the state birds come back, (black flies). I will just set out on my deck, covered in DEET and read my magazine, do a little painting, gardening, etc.
So here I set anxiously awaiting of my dear friend, spring.


  1. LOL... covered in deet? Aww, I'm sorry 'bout that weather gettin' ya down. We finally have a day of sunshine to warm things up in my neck of the woods. Hang in there hon, we have to go through this every year!

  2. So very true. I am not down really. It is sunny and beautiful out there today. A little bit nippy but that is okay, lets me know I am alive lol.
    This year just seems especially long for some reason. Not sure why, I mean really it is only March. We have had it snow on Mother's Day in May so I shouldn't complain.
    Nap maybe? hmmm

  3. Hi, Kat
    Keep warm~ BRRRR! oh, my girl! think spring with the internet & magazines!
    Warm thoughts your way~
    and Sweetie~ thank you for your kind comments!