Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty bucket Friday

I have buckets, baskets, totes, boxes, etc. I have them in different places. I don't have one for wood projects. That is called a basement :O)  Whenever I find something that I want to remake or have to do I put it in the appropriate container. Thursday night after work (I work 4 days a week) I dig out a container and do whatever needs to be done to it. Since I took a few days off this week I got to do my container early. So here is the grunging tote. Anything I want to grunge (other than fabric, that is in my staining bucket lol), goes in this bucket in the basement.  Pretty ugly candles. But not for long. I drilled out the tops of the pillar candles with the drill press. Ready for the tealights I did a few days ago.
I paint the candles with black or brown paint. Whatever I have and sometimes mix them
I cover them with a mixture of spices and coffee grounds, etc.
Set them aside to dry, I left them over night as I did this part last night.
Almost all spiced up
Dipping time, I add the wax that came from drilling out the holes or broken candles. There's spices in there and coffee grounds, and who knows what else.
Spicing the tall pillar sides before dipping
Gross looking huh? I dip one side, turn it around and dip the other side right away. The wax is not too hot to handle.
Tapers get stood up in cans as I can only do one end at a time.
My bucket is empty. Back to the basement for the next project load.
All grunged up, I added the tealights. They look like they don't fit right but that is because they have those little plastic tabs under them that you pull for the battery to work.
Here is one completed. I sometimes tie them with homespun, cheesecloth, little rusty stars, etc, all I have left to do is the homespunning now. I am sure most of you know how to do this already. Or maybe do it way differently but I guess as long as the results are what you want, the journey there is all your own.  

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  1. hi, Kat
    Great final product~ I so enjoy the steps along the way~ perfect prim!