Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laugh or be offended

My son walked into the kitchen last night, see picture of kitchen mess below, making grungy candles. He looks at me shakes his head a little, smiles and goes back into the living room. I few minutes later his father strolls through and grabs something and goes back to the living room. I overhear my son, "did you see the mess she has going in there now?" Husband, "No I didn't even notice." Seriously the whole kitchen looked like someone turned it upside down. I don't know whether to laugh at the fact that I am always doing stuff and they don't notice anymore (it doesn't bother them), or that they think the kitchen always looks like that?
It is all picked up, cleaned up and put away now but still. I am thinking maybe they don't notice those things at all? I need to hang one of those sign things (like they use to put on dishwasher for dirty-clean dishes). Big sign:  KITCHEN IS A MESS, KITCHEN CLEAN.


  1. LOL...that is a man thing... if they notice or say anything theymight have to help clean it up so they keep there mouth shut and just give you Tht look... you know the look..

    Made me Smile just thinkin about the look..


  2. Too funny~ Yep, make a sign~ but bet they wouldn't notice that either!THe way you describe you son~ I just can picture him~ too cute!!!

  3. I think Teresa would be right. You have to make a mess to make something beautiful. LOL. Blessings! Lara

  4. what a riot...but aren't they all great for putting up with our prim messes?...Hey where are your falling shamrocks, girl? Get it goin'

  5. If Teresa is right I should be Van Gough. I make a lot of huge messes lol.