Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old crocks and jugs.

I went to flea markets today, and antique stores all over southern Maine. I saw so many crocks. Can anyone posts some pics of crocks or tell me where to look so that I will have a minor clue as to what one should pay for these? What to look for? I don't care if they are worth their weight in gold but I don't want to pay a fortune and get tupperware lol.
Thanks anyone


  1. A couple weeks ago, The Primitive Pantry did a Photo Friday on crocks and jugs. I participated, as well as numerous others. You can check out a lot of beautiful and useful crocks. Many sizes and types. Prices can go very high for perfect, older crocks and certain designs and makers. I have seen them go for over $100. I always look for bargains. Antique stores are definitely going to be more expensive. Check farm auctions and estate sales. I have found quite a few smaller ones at Goodwill. Good luck in your search!

  2. I did a photo friday last week on crocks too.I collect alot of blues and larger ones.If they have blue decoration plan to pay high dollar.But regular crocks and jugs that are plain or have a simple number on them expect to pay about $15 per gallon so if it's a one gallon in good shape it should be $15-$20 Two Gallon about $30 Over 5 gallons in good shape plan to pay a little more a good 5 gallon should be around $65...Now again with the blue decorated you could pay $150 for a gallon size and depending on how decorated and condition these crocks can go up to several hundred dollars.Hope this helps you a little.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hi Kat: My advise to you is keep looking around. Crocks can be found at yard sales, estate sales, church sales waaaay cheaper than at antique shops or flea markets. I bought 2 very large crocks from a friend who's FIL passed away for $15 each (would have been $50-75 each at least)...they are gigantic...keep your eyes can also post a local ad on craigs list to find a few...(I'll email you a pic of them later on). patti