Monday, March 7, 2011


45 Minutes Prep time, 60 Minutes baking time, 60 Minutes clean up time, Amish Friendship bread.... PRICELESS.

I got up this morning, started painting. Oh wait it is the 10th day. Time to make my friendship bread. What no oil?? Oh well the internet will tell me what to use. Margarine it is 80% vegetable oil. Works for me. Four more starters, great.  I made two starter bags and put them in the freezer. One batch makes two loaves of bread. They are to die for, and I mean that literally with all the oil and sugar. lol. So I am thinking I will make two batches and send some back with my son to college. So I made two loaves of bread and 24 cupcake size breads.
My son came in from chopping down the drifts (they are two high for the snowblower to reach).Taste tester oh yeah!  He says "OH GOD mom, these are so (&*&^% delicious. Worth going out to clean up so snow for."
I had to go to town to get some gas for the snowblower and the roads are a mess. Since it rained for two days before this storm there are lakes of water on the roads. Well now those lakes have become slush and it is about 10 inches deep.  "4x4", got to love them. Now back home painting some stuff for the store, the wood stove is going and it is blowing and snowing outside. OLD MAN Winter Bring It On.
My yard is snowblowed at least for now. Supposed to keep snowing until this afternoon I guess. I don't care now. I have plenty to do inside and I am sure spring can't be far behind.


  1. Bread looks yummy~
    your son looks like he had a work out!OH, MY SNOW~LOTS OF IT~ KEEP IT UP YOUR WAY~~~lol
    I am complaining about a light coating yesterday that has already melted!

  2. I had a start of that years ago, and it is here today isn't bad, I've been painting and sewing today..had to get out and go to grocery for a couple of things, rather nice out. Hope winter is over for all of us very soon!

  3. Hi Kat!
    Thanks for visiting my blog... also thank you for linking up my Vintage Scale Giveaway! I really appreciate that!