Wednesday, January 19, 2011

APP Magazine

Woohoo, the new Primitive Place Magazine is being released on February 1st. I can't wait. I got the subscription for Christmas and carry the holiday issue around with me all the time. The houses in there are gorgeous. So many ideas so much to read. I love that magazine. I should order two subscription. The one I have now is getting a little dog eared lol.
I am so glad I started blogging here. I feel like it is okay to be excited about all this stuff because you guys are probably as excited too. Well maybe, and if not you probably won't think I am weird for being excited.
I went to an open house at "For the love of Prims" house right before Christmas. She had the magazine before I had gotten my first one. she let me look at it. My friends were "wow we hope you have a recliner or something for her because now she won't be leaving". I did but I didn't want to.
Have a good night, got some painting to do.


  1. I like the Primitive Place Magazine too! Some of my favorite books and magazines are getting dog eared also as I am always looking through them. I wish I could have gone with you to that open house, I bet it was neat!

  2. I enjoy this magazine. I have both issues & I am excited to get the Feb issue too. When I got my first issue I hated to get it bent. Well both issues are now dog eared. I keep looking at them over & over. Hubby has told me I need to stop looking at magazines. I get to many ideas from them. I got the new Country Sampler last night. There is a photo of a frig that looks like a cabinet. Oh I want to hide all my appliances. They don't seem to ever give information on where to find stuff like that. If you are weird then I am also. I try ed to view the blanket crane you mentioned but it just would not come up for me. I would love to see the one you made from the pattern when you get your photos going. Blessings!