Sunday, January 16, 2011

So loving the closet

I am so loving this closet now. I have moved all my baking type stuff in there. Bowls, spices, cake mixes, and wow the pudding. I have been making that Amish friendship bread so have a little over stock of vanilla pudding, sugar, and flour.  I am going to have to take one of the starters out of the freezer and get it going.
While gathering up all the baking supplies and equipment it left a lot of empty spaces everywhere else. So in the middle of doing the one thing I thought I better rearrange all the food in the kitchen cabinets. Which lead to me tearing off all the shelf liner paper in those cabinets. Wow what a mess I made. Those will need to be painted, but not this weekend. That liner paper was very thick. I am not even sure what it was. All the cabinets have been painted except for these three. So soon.

I really do like having all the baking supplies in one place though. That is fantastic. It might even get used now. I have also filled two body size trash bags with extras, off to the land fill tomorrow.

Well off to finish and search the internet for curtains I want to use. I might wait until I go south next week-end and see if I find something there. Who knows.

So for now. This is the progress. Life is good.


  1. All that and you can still see empty shelf space...very impressive

  2. Hi Kat, Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter my giveaway. Your baking cupboard looks very efficient. ~Ann

  3. Hi Kat, looks very nice. So well organized. Out of site and very accessible.

  4. Looks really nice, now come and do all my cabinets and closets please! ;-)

  5. We have done similar things in our home. In our guest bath( we get few guests who need our shower. ), we put plywood over the tub and then added shelves up to the shower curtain bar. They are 4' deep shelves and hold the big plastic storage boxes. I keep all my crafting things in it. I put a great prim shower curtain up and we just love it. We did the same thing in our smallest bedroom closet. We use it for storing our home-canned goods and small appliances.
    I love your knotty pine entry way. It is gorgeous.
    Come by and check out my giveaway!
    I am now following your blog. Welcome to blogging! I also get my comments sent to my email and try to respond to them from there. if commenters don't use their email address, you may want to go to their blog to respond in a comment there. More often than not, people do NOT return to a post they have already commented on. *sigh*

  6. Very impressive! It always feels great to get organized, doesn't it? You have done a great job!