Thursday, January 13, 2011

My entryway

 Here is my entryway, I guess I can start here. I made the bookshelf about 20 or so years ago. I brought it from upstairs and painted, sanded, waxed, and now I love it again. We each have a basket on the shelves to keep mittens, hats, gloves, odds and end type stuff. When we bought our home this room had paneling in the entryway. when I took it off there was a thick,, rough, black tar looking stuff under it. So instead of tearing out all the walls, I put in tongue and groove. I put in wood floors, built new doors. pretty much, other than the chairs I made almost everything in this room. The bread box on the little dresser I got at a flea market for $2.00 and prim'd it up. It actually is a charging station for our phones and gadgets. The doors go into two closets and the third into the laundry room. Oh maybe I should just empty out the end closet and build shelves in the whole thing and make it a pantry. I could take the bookshelf out altogether. Oh please help me decide.
So any suggestions, ideas, or opinions? What shall I do? I am up for anything. Well almost anything, I can't paint anything pink or bright yellow. That just would not work.  Remember my motto, "Less is more".
Update to come soon. I will post some before this pictures when I find them.


  1. I like your book shelf. The baskets are a great way to keep those things at hand & hidden. Great use of the bread box. I must say I think all your naturl wood is BEAUTIFUL. If you like colonial designs I was thinking maybe a floor cloth with a colonial design red trim same as your window trim with a black stenciled design. Maybe even large black checked valances to show off your window trim & let natural light in. Or tabacco cloth in the same style curtians you have now. Oh yes black wood spool candle in your window. I will be quiet now. Blessings!

  2. Congrats on getting the pics up:) It's just beautiful!!!! love the bookshelf!

  3. Hi and welcome! I am also a primitive lover!
    Love your photos! Have a good weekend....

  4. I thought about one of those floor cloths, and I don't like the rug I have but I do have to be practical. I live in northern Maine and in the winter we come in and take off snow covered boots and shoes. So if I made one of the cloths then it would be slippery and messy all the time. It is too cold to take your shoes off outside and no matter how cooperative my family is they are not going to agree to that whim lol.
    Tobacco cloth is? Where do I find it? Thanks for your ideas.

  5. Kat~ Glad to see the pictures! I like the pantry idea.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Hi Kat, good job on the pics. I love the bookshelf in the corner with the baskets. I think a very nice touch with the two chairs and the shelf above it. I understand about the rug, we do have to be practical ..sometimes.8-) I too would put the curtain inside the window to show off that wonderful trim.
    I am in a curtain dilemma myself right now but whatever I do I will put them inside so the trim all shows.
    The use of the bread box for a charging station is a wonderful idea!! I like what I see and can't wait to see more.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Good morning!
    Oh, I LOVE all your wood! It's beautiful! I understand about the rugs, it does get ishy from all the snow. I also love the bookshelf, and the chair, looks like a nice place to sit down for a minute or two!
    Maybe you could just do the floorcloth in the warmer months if you wanted a change.
    I don't think I am being much help here! LOL! I like everything already, but understand the need for a change occasionally.
    Perhaps if you stenciled on the new curtain, if that's what you are going to change, that would be pretty, maybe a pineapple motif.
    Are you in need of more storage? I'd put a nice hooked rug somewhere with all that beautiful woodwork!
    Have a great day!

  8. Beautiful Wood!
    Wonderful job with the room!
    OH, my I would say a pantry!You are a definite do it yourselver>>Wow! love the book shelf!

    See your on your way, posting pics

    enjoy the day