Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just got an order from Colonial Tin yesterday. Wow nice stuff. Very excited. I can't wait to get it all displayed.
I have to make a bowl rack. and a few other new shelves. I have come up with a plan. I am going to empty out a room and only put back what I absolutely love. New motto: Less is More....
I might even draw a picture or go around the house and find the stuff I think will work in that room the best. I have lots of friends who will want, or know someone who will want, the extras. After 30 years of painting and woodworking there is bound to be toooooo much.


  1. Hey, girl hope you don't mind I posted your blog on my blog!
    I want you to feel welcome!
    Like your new Motto less is more!
    I am having problems with that myself!I love junk!
    enjoy the day,

  2. Thank you Teresa, I don't mind at all. Thanks.
    I am very excited about redecorating. My house has always been pretty primitive but now seems a bit cluttered. I think a lot of people have the problem. I have a hard time deciding what is okay to eliminate. :)