Sunday, February 20, 2011

Printed fabric, Amazing People

It worked, I ran it right through the printer.
Well this is just amazing. Lorna (Live Oak Primitive Peddler) posted about printing on fabric. I couldn't believe it. Great idea. Also, I was wandering around A Pickled Pepper Patch and she posted directions on how to do it. She is also the one that had posted this needlepoint pattern (I had saved from a previous visit to her blog), (or at least I hope it was her). 
Anyway I thought hmmm, brand new wireless printer, do I dare? What if it only works on certain printers. "Oh what the hey, it is just a printer". It was 11:00pm and I dug out my freezer paper, previously tea stained fabric and gave it a whirl.
It worked amazing. I couldn't believe it. No more light box, no more tracing onto fabric. Oh how I wish I had know this earlier. Not that I do a lot of needlepoint anymore, but I love to. I have some ready for when I go on a trip, (something to do in the car or hotel, while waiting at appointments, stuff like that.
So thank you to you most amazing people for always sharing such great ideas, tips, hints, life experiences, laughs, etc. Thank you I am so loving blogging and the people I meet here, everyday someone or something that I see or read here brings a smile to my face. What more can you ask for from anyone.
Have a great weekend

I started stitching while I was waiting for my son.

I left the paper on so that it would not stretch and basically thought why not!

Finished product. Almost. I still need to put my name in the little box at the bottom and frame it or something.


  1. Love your stitchery! How long did you iron it on the freezer paper? I know that you have to use a dry iron but my edges wouldn't stay down so I didn't have a first "good" experience with it...will try again though. I did it with a photo transfer for a pillow.

  2. I'm like you I keep thinking do I dare try to put that in my printer but you had success with it, so I might give it a try sometime. Love the stitchery!

  3. Oh Mindy, it worked great!!!!! Just iron it to the freezer paper, put it in the printer (the right way hehe) and hit print on whatever you want on there. It isn't even as thick as cardstock once ironed on so I thought, heck this should work fine. And it did.

  4. Hi Kat, well with all the printing I have done on fabric had not thought of using it for the stitchery patterns. Duh!! That is a great idea!! See, we all learn from each other.8-)