Friday, February 25, 2011

Nap or Sleep

Went to pick up my son today. Driving 8 hours in this nasty storm was a pain in the neck (literally) but my baby is home for two weeks so very much worth it.
I want to work on my bench, I have been doing little bits and just need to do a couple more things before I put another coat of paint on it. I did however cut one side totally wrong so had to swap it out with Nicky's lol.
If it ever stops snowing and blowiing and leaving 6 foot drifts everywhere maybe Nicky can come over and finish these things. I could do it my self but the whole point was to do a project with my best friend for her birthday and the making is most of the fun.
Now exhausted and setting here thinking, if I fall asleep at 930pm and get up 6 hours from now is that a nap or a bedtime. I never sleep more than six hours and I am dying here. 
I hope everyone is having a safe happy weekend.


  1. It's like a heavy sign when he is home safe and sound. God bless the parents that have kids in the military. I can't even imagine how that must feel. My son is just at college 3 hours away and my heart sighs when I see him and I think "Oh he is okay". Is there any kind of love that can compare to a mother's love for her child. (well other than for her cat, jk lol)

  2. My son is in university less than an hour away and I have been so glad to have him home for a break this past week! Enjoy your time with your son.