Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tea Staining.

I was tea staining some washcloths. Well grunging them up. So I dipped them in my tea mixture of tea, vanilla, a few walnut crystals and who knows what else is in that pot. Anyway instead of throwing them in the oven to dry.
I put the cookie sheet on top of the woodstove and cooked them there. They came out great.
I had to be really watchful lol. Some got a little more grungy than expected. I just replaced the picture with a box. I made the grungy candles too but those are just a quick project that makes my kitchen smell so good for days. mm love the smell of cinnamon.

Hope everyone is getting shoveled out. We lucked out again and only got a couple of inches of snow.


  1. So pretty!I bet they smell so good!
    enjoy the day

  2. I would have never thought of grunging the washcloths. I grunge everything else, will have to give it a try. They look great as does the candle.