Friday, February 11, 2011

NO DVR???? Long post.

I took back my DVR to Time Warner today. I swear every time I look at my bill it goes up more and more. So...The conversation at the cable company was seriously bizarre,
ME: I want the DVR, I just don't want all these channels that I don't watch, paying 90 a month for this is crazy. (Just kind of matter-of-factly)
HER: Yes a lot of people are down grading.
ME: Well I am happy with the first 22 channels anyway, that is all I watch most of the time.
HER: Do you have a HD tv?
ME: yeah but I don't watch the HD channels, I forget they are there and just don't bother.
 HER: you will only have the basic channels.
ME: Yeah that is all I watch, I just wanted the DVR so I kept the full package, but it isn't worth it anymore.
HER: there really isn't anything on the lower channels though.
I have always been told that I have to have digital cable if I want to have their DVR
ME: Well can I keep the DVR with the basic package? Can I use it with the basic package?
HER: Well yes but it really isn't worth it, you won't be saving anything if you do that. It really doesn't make any sense.
ME: Those are the only channels I watch anyway
HER: But what will you record.
ME: (thinking to myself) seriously are you simple lady???????
ME: I will get NBC< CBS< ABC< FOX< CWB< and a bunch of others. I watch, NBC< CBS< ABC<FOX< CWB only those, none others. JUST THOSE
HER: But you won't be saving anything doing that.
ME: Okay my bill is 165 a month. If I give you back the DVR and get just basic cable, with internet and phone included of course. My bill will be 90. so already I am saving 75.00. And the DVR is 10 a month. So I can have the DVR and still save about 50-60 a month, I think that is quite a big savings.
HER:::::: But there is nothing on those channels, you wont have any of the HD channels, what will you record.
ME: Seriously, we have come full circle here, did you not hear anything I just said?
HER: You can call the 1-800 number and ask them if they are running any specials if you want. You have until Tuesday to change your mind. Then after that you will have to pay to upgrade. Make sure when you call you tell them I offered you options.
ME: Seriously? What are you offering me, to keep what I have because it is such a great deal?
The whole time I am smiling, kind of just laid back and thinking, I wonder how long I can make this lady go on about this before she just gives me the box for free to get rid of me. lol
I love messing with those people, and I know they are there to sell the services but come on. Don't be so rediculous. I drove 45 minutes to bring you the stupid box, evidently it is going to have to be a great deal for me to take it back home with me lol.
So I am waiting to find out what my bill will be without the box and with it. Oh I should call the 1-800 number now and find out lol
Have a great weekend, I am going to go mess with Time Warner employees


  1. Ah...Time Warner - don't ya love them?'s hard to get anywhere with them when they don't even know what they are saying....good luck!

  2. I know seriously huh? Today was kind of fun though. I just kept looking at her like she should be working on a street crew. She would get flustered and stammer and knew she was sounding like an idiot. hehe
    Just a little fun, and I guess that is better than getting mad and telling her what an idiot they make them sound like. And out and out liars.

  3. You go girl..mess with there heads for days.. Exactly why I no longer consider TV a part of my life. It's simply to complicated to turn it on and find something taht actually continues before it gets all fuzzy when you lose the signal and I have an HD TV and still 99% of the time it doesn't work..So I'd say it has been months since I actually watched a TV show..movies yes but no TV and you know I don't miss it at all...I can't imagine paying $10 a month to watch TV let alone $165..gotta tell ya there is no TV show worth that much..

    Hope ya had fun on the 1-800 call.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I gave up cable a year ago and bought a outside hd antenna for the roof ($70 on sale at amazon) a ruko box ($60)(streams to your tv plus has extra free channels included no monthly fee) and a thing that turns the antenna from the living room ($10 at yardsale)That was one months cable bill for us.I get 20 channels with the antenna.I pay $7.99 for Hulu plus which streams shows from all the major networks directly to my tv when ever I want so no need to use DVR they are already there and I get netflix streamed for $9 so my bill is $17 a month to watch basically anything I want on my HD big screen no package deal or paying extra each month for dvr to watch at my leisure.The phone company gave me a great deal on wireless internet so no need for the cable monster.It is so great not to worry about reciving a bill for $180 each month and still get to watch all my favorites.I thought I needed cable for so long and I didn't need it at all.~Amy

  5. Those people are so programmed to say what they have been told its almost robotic at times! Good for you for taking it back and saving money!

  6. Ok Kat, but are you sure you know what you want? I mean do you really know what you will record? Especially with no HD. There isn't anything you're going to want to watch on the regular channels and besides that, you won't be saving any money! If you sign up now, they will give you 12 extra channels for free! lol I'm just playing with you! Couldn't resist! Seriously, I would like to downgrade my Direct TV package. Seems like nothing is ever on anyway!