Sunday, February 6, 2011

So Far The Hutch

 Here is my hutch, with the china in it. And other stuff? lol
It looks like I am in between holidays here trying to so something but who knows what.
After I redid my closet/now pantry. I had the bottom of the hutch empty. so I put all my china in the bottom and just put some bowls inside. I just got the big bowls from Colonial Tin a few weeks ago. there is one insde as well.

So the question is... Do I paint it. I want to replace the glass, right now it has like leaded glass or whatever it is called. So maybe just clear glass.

I got a new GPS. Can't wait to try it out next time I go to see my son.


  1. Why not chicken wire? I'm always reluctant to paint things that are in really good shape but if it isn't, why not? Love how it looks in the second picture.

  2. Love what you did with your display....but I would have to say paint it and maybe just take the doors off the top. Just my opinion though! Good luck deciding.
    Prim Blessings,

  3. Hi, Kat
    now remember this is not my furniture!
    So I can look at it & give you my input!
    Take the top doors off, leave open>>change the hardware>>are you leaving it oak/stained?
    It is a beautiful piece of furniture it it is all hardwood( keep the doors don't get rid of them, store them somewhere) Hardwood is so hard to come by!
    But remember this is not mine>>it is yours
    so good luck>>make it your way
    can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I think if you really do not want the glass go for the chicken wire Linda suggested. I am thinking paint the chicken wire black & do new fixtures as Tresa suggested in black. I am always afraid to paint oak. It is such a beautiful grain wood. If you would still like some paint. Maybe cut beadboard & fit it just in the back of the cabinet painted black. You could always take it out later. Then if you want to keep going you will know. I am excited to see what you come up with. Blessings!