Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Am A Dead Woman

You all know I have been redecorating my spare room. In a previous post I showed you pictures of the huge mess. Well I packed it up and stuff it all in my son's bedroom because he is away at college. Well tomorrow I have to work all day and then leaving for Bangor after work. Bringing son home for the weekend. Can't say no. But oh my goodness when he sees his room he is going to kill me.
It was really nice knowing you all by the way.
Spilling into the hall. hahahaha

A view of further in, dark but you definitely can get the idea.
I have a meeting at the office so I won't even be able to do any of it during lunch tomorrow. I could at least bag it all up and move it somewhere. Hopefully we will be back early enough on Friday I will be able to do something with it before he needs to sleep in there. hahahaha he can sleep in the newly painted spare room.
I see the humor in it but I am sure he won't.
Have a great night all. Wish me luck.
Katherine Ann... ( I can hear my mom yelling my name right now)


  1. OMGosh! Kat, how could you... LOL. That's a heap for sure... LOL. I don't think he'll kill you, but he may give you one of those looks that could kill. Good luck... lol.

  2. Oh no!! LOL, you seriously crack me up! I'm sure he won't see the humor in this, but I do. If I was there, you and I would be laughing so hard that we wouldn't be able to move. My son would kill me too, hehe!

  3. Oh have your work cut out for you, LOL.... My son just went back to college on Tues and already his bed is covered ;) I know he won't be home again for a couple weeks so I'm safe for now... Traci

  4. hey its all fair game when those "kids" aren't home, right?'ll have it all nicey nice before he gets home Kat!

  5. Smiling Kat.. I totally see the Humor here..I call this pay back for all the times you had to clean your sons room when he was living at home...Giggle!!
    Hey he's a youngin if he's off to College.. just throw a pillow at him along with a warm blanket & tell him to crash on the Sofa... They love the sofa with the TV on...
    Just in case tho what's your favorite flower so we all know what to send to the funneral--LOL... Seriously your on a roll with the redecorating so the son will have to compromise!!

    Have a great vist with your Son!


  6. Haha! You're too funny! Hope he doesn't react too bad. :)Enjoy your visit.

  7. Oh Kat ~ I don't think he will kill you ~ but I think he isn't going to be very happy!
    Good Luck!
    Prim Blessings