Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's 2012 Goals

Well it has been a nasty week for weather, a busy week at work, so not as much done as previously but still got some stuff done.

1. I finished inputting all of my business receipts into a spreadsheet. Getting ready for taxes. Paid bills, balanced the checkbook for the first time in over two months. SHoot me!
1. I finished my first "Primitive Betty's" needlepoint.
I am so happy with this. Thanks for the free pattern Betty. I got it done yesterday and thought "oh I will have to frame it later". Then I remembered today was Sunday and I had to finish my goals. This is seriously working for me.
3. I emptied out the spare bedroom. haha I moved it ALL right across the hall into my son's room. Thank goodness he is at college because there is no going in there right now. It is literally spilling into the hall.
2. I painted the bedroom. I was going to go all white but I had already bought the tan so wanted to do both. I still have to paint the little trim but that will be my finish for next week.

This is the only spot that I have the trim on. I will finish it this week.

3. I cleaned off my kitchen table. haha not sure how long this one will last. Probably a while if I don't go shopping and empty stuff on the table.
Well it has been a little bit productive this week. I need to get back to finishing stuff I already have started. Just gets a little crazy when it is tax season and working full time. Not that I am complaining. I am very thankful I have a job.

I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Kat, you sure did do alot!
    I am still putting things away, because I was in the hospital Sarurday so I have to rest and not do to much, but my husband think he is superman,bless his heart. I like to do pack things in newspaper but I let hime do alot and kept my mouth shut because he was helping and that is all that matters!

    You did a great job, I love to see the before and then after.
    You go girl!!

  2. hi, Kat
    Pretty needlepoint~love the tan~room will be so warm & inviting~ oh, yes the warmth of tan~
    have a wonderfu day

  3. love your first cross the new room. great color too! I need to paint some rooms too.

  4. Love the paint! We just had our living room painted almost the same color! I am still trying to get things back in place again. Love your stitchery too!

  5. Way to go girl!! All those "finishes" feel great, don't they?! Proud of you!

    LOVE the new color of the room, it looks great! I just couldn't picture the tan and white together but I love the way it turned out. They actually complement each other quite well. I love the before and after photos. You really see a huge transformation!

    Oh, and that old truck in the last post is totally awesome!!