Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snowflurries in Northern Maine

Oh what a beautiful day. They said we were going to get some snow this weekend so I got prepared. Chicken stew is on, games are out. candles ready just in case. I love snow days.
So pretty

Don't think I will be going anywhere for a little while

Still snowing

There is a rose bush in that pile lol

I stepped off the deck, couldn't find the step, and the snow is up past my knees

The front of my house. HAHA

Making the snow blower looking mighty small.

Where to start, where to start.

Beautiful though

Waking in a Winter Wonderland
I feel like a little kid. I am going out to play/shovel. Guess some of it needs to be cleaned up before the wind starts to blow. That will be very, very bad.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Oh my! You sure got hit with alot of the white stuff. Looks like what we had last year. Although it is pretty, I just don't like getting out in it. Good luck with the shoveling, looks like you will be at it all day.
    Stay warm and cozy
    Country at heart

  2. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Enjoy your snow day. Stay warm!

  3. Holly Molly when I ask mother nature to send any snow she planned to deposit her someplase else I didn't mean for her to bury you in knee deep snow... The pictures make is all look so pretty but I know all about snow Pretty to look at but back breaking to clear away... It looks like you will need to inlist the help of your son in making a path ..doesn't look like he will be going anywhere for a while so I'm sure he won't mind helping you ...

    Stay warm, have fun shoveling and blowing that snow and above all enjoy the Chicken yummy after a day of snow removal!!


  4. Kat,

    Holy moly.. glad I don't live in Maine.

    We got some snow, too, but not quite that much !

    I made Toscana Soup today, somewhat like Olive Garden's Soup.

    Take care in all that white stuff !


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  5. Oh girl, I am so envious! I want a snow storm!! We have only had 2" of snow all winter long and both times it was gone by the afternoon. So very sad for the kids... no snowmen, no snow angels, no sledding. I love being snowed in at least once a winter, but it didn't happen for us. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one of the trees. I hope you enjoyed the chicken stew, yum!