Monday, February 20, 2012

I have it figured out.

Well it has been a strange two weeks. I am however keeping up with my Leap List. I have been doing the sorting and organizing, the new projects, and finishing some old. However I am having a bit of a hard time feeling motivated.
So on Friday night I was talking to some ladies and one of them said something that really hit home. She said she used to do all kinds of sewing, woodworking, and the likes. She quit doing it all because she just got tired of all the supplies everywhere.
That was it. That is what is wrong. I have so much just for supplies. So I have decided to sort through it bit by bit and give away all the stuff I don't absolutely think I love.
I LOVE woodworking, sewing next, and hand work too. Needlepoint and handquilting.
I did so good. I went through my craft room closet and took out shelves of fabric. I called my friend and said, "come and get it". She sews a lot more than I do and will use it. I can't even remember why I had bought most of it. I didn't even really like it anymore. So bye-bye. It felt really great. While I had all the fabric out I did find some awesome prim Easter fabric. We whipped up a couple of table runners and some Easter eggs. Any bits left over went to trash.  Seriously though, I took out a body size trash bag full of fabric and didn't blink an eye about it. After sorting through and keeping what I liked, I went through the little bit I kept and pulled out even more. YES!!!
My next clean out will be scrapbooking supplies. I loved it when I did it, but really spending a lot of time on that and then tucking the albums in a drawer or shelf makes absolutely no sense. I am saving the really great paper and such, making some cards and then giving the rest of that away too.
I am so happy about this. All the supplies are over whelming. Too much to do, too little time.
So I hope everyone has a productive week.


  1. Ooh, Kat, I winced at the fabric cleanout; I'm a new quilter and am in "acquisition mode". I know that fabric can be addictive so I'm trying to be selected, plus not buying more than I think I'll ever use.

    It's just so darned pretty sorted by color and stacked neatly on the shelves, isn't it? LOL


    P.S. Good luck with the rest of your leap list!

  2. Good morning Kat. It seems that everyone is in an organizing purging mode. It must a spring cleaning bug. I to have way too much fabric and craft supplies. I hate to throw even a small piece of fabric out for fear of needing it. But sometimes it can get overwhelming and you eventually run out of room. My craft room is small and the closet is full. So full I can't find anything. Good for you for donating to a friend who can you it.
    Hope your Monday is a productive one.
    Country at heart