Sunday, January 1, 2012


A few weeks ago I made a post about the number of totes I should have lol. Yeah right. I am packing up Christmas, four totes went up already.
1. large tote for wrapping paper, cards, and hmmm forgot.
2. Large tote for ornaments for traditional tree.
3. Lights, garland, wood creations
4. Signs, pictures, more creations.
5. Prim tree decorations, prim fabric decor, bells.
6. More just stuff, oh and it takes almost a tote for my willow tree nativity set
7. Odds and ends that didn't make it to other totes.
Well the tree bag had to go too. I did however weed through a lot of things to take away. I will do more later. Every year I make or get more and if I only keep what I love, I can narrow it down to 8 large totes. Sounds close to me. What do you think? I can compromise well huh.


  1. I knew you had more totes than that, silly girl!! What did you give away?...maybe I'd be interested...hahaha. no really :)

  2. Oh but that I only had 8 totes for Christmas....or any other holiday. You don't wanna know (and I'm not confessing....besides, I can't count that high anymore...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. hi, Kat~ see I am way behind also~ Like you I miss postings~ giggles~ so thank you for commenting!!!! See everyone should comment, this is why~Plus I love your comments~ you so SWEET!!!!
    What is up with only that many totes~ get real!!! I know there is more~ I would never ever count~ too embarrassing for me~ Hubby tries to say I only used to have 3~ giggles only 3 that he hauled up to the attic~ Oh, you know me love to decorate, addiction I think so~
    smiles & thank you's for so many kind words~ you warm my heart~