Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday 2012 Leap List Week 5

Well week 5 is here and I am still chugging along. Thank God for my home friends and my online friends though because I think I could seriously curl up, watch tv and just do nothing. lol
I get so much inspiration from each and every one of you.
1. Finished some prim pouch/bag thingys. Just to hang or bowl them.
2. I made some hearts that Misi had done here. She does a much better job but I had wooden hearts and this was such a great idea to use them.
Tree Decorated for Valentine's Day

Some I made with Jute and some with twine. Just for bowl fillers.
3. I cleaned my son's room. I made the shelf and hung it to hold his VHS Disney tapes. He wants to keep them, so in his room they went. I wonder if he will notice. Hahaha, I bet they will be sent to storage in the attic. I didn't take a picture because I am too lazy to go back upstairs to do so. :)
1. I finished making some flannel coasters for my coffee table. I saw them somewhere and have so much flannel/fabric it was a good way to use some up.
The picture is ugly but they really are nice. Again too lazy to retake. 

1. Oh and thing I am most excited about, and thankful to my friend Sharon for, is getting my quilt backed and the binding on it. I swear I could set and sew 100 quilt tops. I love that part. However the backing part drives me insane. Sharon made it so much easier, and of course we did both of them together, (hers and mine), so was fun.
I am still going to hand quilt around all the stars but the hand stitching I love doing.
Finished primitive Betty's pattern #2. Again love handstitching so this was fun and relaxing.
Made these crochet stars and then left them in the spare room with yarn and instruction. In case company wants to make me some more and leave them there as well. So if you come and spend the night you know where the entertainment is. :)
So that is about it for this week. Can someone tell me how to do a link up thing. I want everyone to share their finished projects. Leap List Link UP.
Would anyone like to do that? I know I am not the only one with unfinished projects.
I hope everyone has such a great week.


  1. Well you have been a busy girl! I've been wanting to make those hearts with the twine. Great job on all your projects!

  2. Love everything. Your Valentine tree looks great. I especially like the jute and twine hearts. What a neat idea! Have a great week!