Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It is that time of year I know but seriously not ready... It is calling for snow tonight and 25 degrees... I have had the woodstove going all day and it is prettttty toasty in here...
I made another attempt at making my own patterns. I am better with wood but this was fun.
I have a blue one almost done for my friend's birthday. This one is actually an orange color and is great for fall decorating.
In the making. I baked bloomers and dresses at lunch time. Love working from home :)
My sunflowers have finally blossomed and they look more like black eyed susans. If we really get snow tonight that might be all they look like this year lol.
Either I have really small sunflowers or realllllly big bees
I have made some other things but can't put them on my blog because they are Christmas gifts and the recipients might see them. Santa says you better not peek. Hence I can't make it too tempting for anyone.

Oh and my son has a five day break so I will be driving down to pick him up on Friday. I can't wait. It is always nice to have him safe and sound at home. It is almost like a heavy sigh. Plus I am making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.... mmmmmmm yum.

Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? Do you make most of your gifts? I love the holidays. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. It is like the kickoff for the festivities to begin. I am hoping to have all my gifts made and wrapped by the beginning of December. I say that every year but not always successful. I have a few days off while my son is home so I think I am going to get out all my pre-purchased gifts and sort them so I know what I still need to do and buy.
Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


  1. What's with this "don't sew" stuff? I'm not having it! The little dress and bloomers are AWESOME! Nope - haven't started Christmas thinkings yet - and won't for some time. Every year I'm a "not gonna do THAT again" kind of person and every year I wind up the same way - so, I'm just gonna stop saying it. I love homemade gifts and do a few - but am just not a quick enough crafter - or clever enough one - to do more than that. Too, too, soon for the s word!! Stay warm - hope you enjoy your time with your son! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Great Job I adore the dress!

  3. Wow - the dress/bloomers turned out GREAT! (love your John Prine music!) Too early for S _ _ _, Kat! ~*~Lisa

  4. Wow , that dress and bloomers are awesome. Your sewing skills are great. Love it. No,, haven't started with my Christmas gifts yet. Never know what to get for folks. Have to buy everything as none of my friends or family are into homemades and prims. Their taste are so unlike mine, but love them anyway. (wink). Enjoy spending time with your son.

  5. Your dress & bloomers is prim perfect. I love it. Blessings!

  6. Hi, Kat~ BRRRR~ no not yet!giggles~ It is beautiful here today~ can't wait to get off of work~ in the 70's!!!I need to get in the yard!!!
    Love your dress~ Terrific work!!!!
    enjoy the weekend~

  7. Kaaaat: I looooove your new dress with the bloomers! How did I miss this? What a fantastic job you did...of course you can sew!! I love, love, love the color and the cute lil' pocket!!
    great job!!