Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strange Weather

Yesterday afternoon they started announcing tornado warnings for Maine and showing the path they were taking. I was like "seriously? Tornadoes?" They were headed right for us. I have seen us get some high winds when there are hurricanes on the coast of course but actual Tornado warnings? I live in Northern Maine. The very tip, Like I would have to throw a rock south and still hit a Canadian. How bizarre. This has been the strangest year for weather. I was driving home and it was creepy. If you looked to your right the sky was really black if you looked to your left, the sun was shining, There was visible line where the two met. Creepy. Wish I had my camera.


  1. I think no matter where we live, with all this strange weather we'll all be a bit on edge when the next storm appears. Northern Maine is so up there, I lived in Maine for just over a year back in 84, Presque Isle, beautiful area up there.

  2. Hey, neighbor at least it missed us unlike Mass.......

  3. This has been a very strange year all over for weather - it frightens me....Hope all is well and you stay safe... (PS - am in the process of rounding you up some feathers....) :o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Yes I agree, weather everywhere has been weird. I am glad you were safe.