Tuesday, May 31, 2011


New birdhouse. We got these trees about 10 years back on sale at Kmart for 99 cents. Our friends and family laughed at us because they were so pitiful looking and they said they would never grow. It was September. We hadn't been living here very long. Well they were wrong, all of them grew up to be beautiful health trees. I love them.

Kat got a new toy. Who doesn't love a great pneumatic staple gun

The tool box is from the Murphy Street Mall, (the local landfill) lol I planted a bunch of herbs in it. We shall see how it does. The birdhouse I made

My new hanging ball, filled with green moss and a beautiful plant with white flowers. Oh such a gardener. I don't know the name of anything

My dad made me this old swing a long time ago and it is moss covered now but still standing. I hope it lasts forever.

Just a bit of my front yard.

My ball is so heavy I can't hang it so here it is, my centerpiece. The flowers are filling in quite nicely.

Just a few pics from Memorial Day. It was finally sunny and I wanted to get out some garden decorations. 
So happy it is finally spring. 


  1. The game table turned out great ~ what a neat idea to use chalkboard paint so they can keep score! I love your planter balls & your birdhouse!

  2. That gametable is awesome!! What a clever idea...a chalk board top - geesh, why didn't anyone thing of that before (or did they??) And I'm LOVING your old swing something fierce...covered with moss you say? How cool! Your birdhouse is neat too - too funny about the tool box planter...when you said it was from the local landfill and that you planted herbs in it, I thought at first you meant you planted herbs in the landfill....uh, yeah...some of us are slower than others. Novel idea though for a community garden...! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Love the game table. I love the idea of the chalkboard top! Perfect!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky