Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I learned today

I learned that no matter how long your chicken sets in the pan, and no matter how long you run the oven, if you don't put the pan IN the oven it will not cook. Supper may be late.
I also learned that if the bottle/container of glue says permanent, that is exactly what it means. However if you have ever tried Gator sandpaper you know that permanent can become not so perm. lol
I learned that if a bunch of friends get together to have a yard sale to get rid of stuff you don't use anymore, it defeats the purpose if you bring all your friend's stuff home with you. I didn't but was so tempted.
I learned that if you are at the landfill and some CRAZY person threw away their old banister rails and prim birdfeeders and birdhouses, you should bring them home. Even if your son sets in the truck and moves to the driver seat, threatening to leave you. You are still the parent and can still ground them. 20 years old doesn't mean anything.
Very educational day.


  1. OMG you struck gold at the landfill...I still have to find out where mine is.....I'm sure there are treasures there also....glad to see that it was an educational day for you!! Awww poor kiddos would not even go to the landfill with me but if they did, they'd hide under the seat!
    Have a great rest of the week...

  2. You are hilarious Kat...I swear we must be related...what a score at the landfill! Thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa